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If you are using a CoronaDistance map in the Opacity slot to do a render-time boolean cutting operation and then move the 'cutting' object while IR is running it crashes every time.  I can provide a scene if necessary but it's not scene specific.

Running the latest and greatest DB and Max 2021 on Windows 10.


Just out of curiosity, will the include\exclude on caustics include\exclude objects from calculation and thus speed things up?  Or is it more of a mask where all elements are still calculated but only certain elements show the caustics pass?  Basically just wondering if it will impact speed.


The idea is something like "you can now disable receiving caustics from this specific water surface on this specific wall". I guess it should also make rendering faster in most cases, but I am not 100% sure, so will find out and let you know.

Update: yes, it should speed things up.

That’s exciting :) thanks for the update!

Just out of curiosity, will the include\exclude on caustics include\exclude objects from calculation and thus speed things up?  Or is it more of a mask where all elements are still calculated but only certain elements show the caustics pass?  Basically just wondering if it will impact speed.


Yes, already on ultimate over here as well.  The differences I'm talking are just a second or two of lag, additional churn, etc...but it's noticeable to me.  And the disappearing geometry and freezing during copy to clipboard are happening to me with RC5 in VFB.

Does anyone have any free good screen recording software (that maybe has the capacity to show mouse clicks visually) to recommend?  The last one I used years ago had spyware :)  I'd at least try to replicate and prove...maybe I'll fail utterly and it'll show that I'm nuts :)

If only some people notice it it makes me wonder if it's windows build specific, graphics drivers, 4k issue, there anything different about the VFB UI than the max UI?  Does it use QT whereas most of Max (2021 in this case) doesn't, for example?  Excuse my ignorance on this.


I have noticed, however, is how slow it runs in IR VFB. Is this what you mean? I always figured it was because I'm rendering at higher res (I usually set the IR VFB to full-screen, whereas the Viewport IR is only 1/4 of my 3DS max work-space...)

Yep!  That's exactly what I mean.  Doesn't seem to be size dependent to me...just VFB = slower, viewport = faster.  But perhaps there's happening behind the scenes to VFB with 4k monitors or something.  Either way, big break through for me now that IR is actually responsive in the viewport!

I hadn't used it either, but then my intern was using it so scenes set up by him had the viewports setup that way.  I always found it irritating until I tried it and then I thought 'wow, this runs way faster than vfb!'  I mentioned it to him and he said 'oh yeah, the VFB is slower and sometimes geometry doesn't show up for some reason.'  *shrug*

I'll be super curious if you find the same thing, should only take 5 minutes to test.  It could be why some people think IR is amazing and some people think it's super slow.  Or maybe it's just my specific computer and you won't see any difference...

Has anyone else noticed a difference in performance and buginess between Viewport IR and VFB IR?  Both myself and one of my staff have noticed this independently in different scenes and different computers.  Here's what we've noticed:

Viewport IR:
- Faster to update when scene changes, less lag when selecting items in other viewports, max GUI stays responsive, orbiting and panning in other viewports stays fast
- Copy to clipboard never freezes the computer

- Quite a bit slower.  The only time I've found it to be as responsive as the viewport is if I don't resize it, so it's still not filling the window.  There seems to be something about resizing the VFB that causes it to slow down.  Note: this is not because it's 'bigger' than the viewport IR.  It just seems to be something about resizing it.
- Randomly geometry will not appear (objects, walls missing, etc) and I have to restart IR to get the geometry to show up.  A little nervewracking :)
- Goes into an infinite pause when copying contents to clipboard sometimes

I believe the last VFB item (crash when copying to clipboard) started with the bloom & glare progress bar was integrated a while ago.  I and others reported it and I think it was fixed for a while but it's back in the latest builds.

Just curious if anyone else has had a similar set of experiences or if it's something to do with my builds.

3ds Max 2021
Corona RC5
Windows 10 latest updates
RTX 2080 Ti 462.59
3990x and 3970x, depending
128gb ram or 64gb ram, depending

Depending on how many materials you have you could always use the coronadistance map in the opacity map trick.  See below.  But it relies on manipulating the opacity slot in your materials, so may not work for you very well:

It would be nice to hear from the devs on this.  Does this come down to the wackiness of 2020?  Lack of manpower?  Reluctance to release things in daily’s? Maybe it’s the smart decision, but it at least appears (perhaps just to the uninitiated) that development has slowed.  Maybe the Physical Material was way harder than they thought...that’s fine!  But we all stake some portion of our livelihoods on the technology we invest in and we want it (and us) to keep up with the times.  I think the general suspicion is that there is a brain drain going on.

I certainly know that with my clients if I were to change expectations with no explanation there would be a general ‘hmpphh!’ response.  It’s just the way things work, communication is key.

Hardware / Re: Setting up network via switch
« on: 2021-06-01, 21:14:22 »
No the router only supplies the DHCP function and (potentially) connection to the internet, wifi, etc.  As long as you don't use the router as a switch (don't run the cables 'through' it) you'll be fine with a 1gbe router.  That's what I use on my 10gbe network here...basic tp-link router but a 10gbe switch.  The router should plug into the switch and not have anything else plugged into it.

You just need to make sure your switch is up to snuff, and same with cabling.  But 2.5gb should be ok with Cat 5 (I think.)  And ditch any crossover cables you might be using.

Someone more knowledgeable can jump in like Juraj but that's my opinion.

Hardware / Re: Setting up network via switch
« on: 2021-06-01, 17:11:03 »
I might be wrong but I think you just need the router to manage and assign IP addresses through DHCP.  It doesn't need the internet.  If you were to manually assign IP addresses to everything you might get away without a router.  But it doesn't matter if the router is connected to the internet, it just needs to be plugged into your switch.  So everything can still be on the switch, but the router needs to be on there unless you are going to do IP addresses manually (or if your switch is fancy and can do DHCP for you).

Hope that helps, that's my setup and it works like a charm.  I did have similar issues to you prior to connecting my router.

Would you ever consider a toggle to FULLY turn off bucket rendering for IR?  I still find it sub-optimal in certain situations, such as when you delete a region box when you've already passed the initial pass limit.  You could even bury it in the dev settings.  Just generally speaking I haven't 'noticed' the speed increase of bucket rendering in IR but I have noticed some of the downsides that affect the artistic process.  It also sometimes seems like optix isn't quite as effective using buckets but that may be my imagination.

Thanks for considering.

It's on both IR and final (in the current daily, I should add - who knows in future dailies though depending on what we try, in order to keep everyone happy and getting the max benefit from the power of Corona :) )

I find it makes IR a little less effective for me.  The chunky resolve makes it a little harder to 'predict' the final outcome of a texture, for example, when you are working a mile-a-minute.  Maybe it's just me but that's my $0.02.  Wouldn't matter to me on production but I wonder about its effectiveness for IR.  Maybe it's an option?

Hardware / Re: Computer freezes during rendering
« on: 2021-03-17, 16:29:55 »
Yes, it finished rendering but I couldn't press any button so it was just waste of time. The stats were updating. I had higher EV value then and wanted to adjust it but couldn't. I leave Max as frozen, do something else on Chrome and come back to it, it sometimes wakes up but only for a couple of seconds then go back to freeze. I've never had this issue before.

Corona is the latest, Max 2015. I will try Defender's Control flow guard off and see if it fixes but need to go to bed now.

Yeah this sounds a lot like my issue.  I don't think it's heat related, seemed to start the day or two after a series of windows updates and driver updates that Windows 10 snuck in on me.  Interesting someone else saw a similar pattern, but who knows.  I'm in an air conditioned office so summer\winter doesn't really make a difference and my fans and vents aren't clogged.  I don't have 'lock max during render' checked, this is very different in the sense that you can't even hit 'stop.'  Temps seem fine but I'll monitor more closely in the coming days. 

Hardware / Re: Computer freezes during rendering
« on: 2021-02-26, 18:14:59 »
I've started to have a similar issue to the OP.  For me , sluggish behavior and 'blinking windows' during rendering used to be caused by Control Flow Guard.  I found out about CFG etc about a year ago and the problem went away.  Unfortunately it's recently come back and exhibits itself as sluggish UI during IR, full freezes and flashing windows during production, similar to the old 'CFG enabled' days. 

Interestingly I went and checked my Exploit Protections and a recent Windows Update must have made changes there.  For one thing CFG was turned back on, and Program specific exploit options were slightly different.  For example I don't recall seeing 'Hardware-enforced Stack Protection.'  A quick Google search turned that up as a new addition to Windows exploit protections.  Just a heads up to everyone on that if you're interested.

Sadly disabling CFG system wide and disabling all exploits on 3dsmax.exe didn't fix it for me.  I'm almost starting to wonder if it's video card related, because GPU heavy programs like Photoshop and even CIE makme the problem notably worse.  Super aggravating problem.  Considering rolling back to a one year old nVidia driver to see if it fixes it.  Happens pretty universally across all scenes but to different degrees based on complexity.  Problems gets notably worse as Forest and other complex items are introduced.  Not running out of ram, not overheating.

System Specs:
Windows 10 latest
Corona latest daily
Max 2021
nVidia 2080 Ti on 461.40
128gb ram

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