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Not sure if someone mentioned this here but latest converter literally wipes out bitmaps in some conversion and converts vray materials as metal, probably ignoring refl.
Used it in one of my commercial scenes and it converted everything into PhysicalMat and messed up 90% of materials in the scene. Absolute mess.

I'm afraid this is a hazard of the daily builds...

We always recommend backing up your scenes before using them in a daily build.

No problems, im using daily builds on daily basis , this is first time my scene got screwed but thats purely my fault. And unfortunately i cant send it to you, its big real estate project and max file only is 8gb.

Would you be able to send over one of your scenes so we can use it for testing further fixes for the converter?



Not sure if someone mentioned this here but latest converter literally wipes out bitmaps in some conversion and converts vray materials as metal, probably ignoring refl.
Used it in one of my commercial scenes and it converted everything into PhysicalMat and messed up 90% of materials in the scene. Absolute mess.

(This... ? )

Yup, i gave him mobo, cpu and cooler for a bit cheaper than i listed + another 2 guys wrote me that thay want to buy it. Its probably easier to sell it as "kit" with mobo and cooler. Its more attractive for buyers i guess.
I need another kit to another machine

If you need another kit, get the one with 32GB modules. Not only it gives you option to run 256 GB in future (who knows... always good to have such option), but it's more stable than 16GB modules on Zen at same capacity (4x32 is much better than 8x16).
They also cost the same pretty much right now. And the 3200/CL16 kits run straight with XMP, I have such on 3950X and it worked without any sweat.

Thanks for valuable info, much appreciated.

I need another kit to another machine so i was considering something cheaper so im not paying double the price for 3000+.

I was probably lucky but sold 2990wx with board and cooler yesterday but indeed, its going to be hard in upcoming months.

Thanks for advices, i`ll try all you suggested. Yea im using latest bios. Had to flash it becuse i wasnt even able to get into bios after i installed 3990x. Regarding ram - I think i was at 14/16/16/16 before but i`ll check again to be sure. Why i mentioned 2133 kit ? They are much cheaper than "B-die" kits.

Good call with Ryzen Balanced, im using it right now.

I know that CBR/Corona isnt proper indication of power but it can give you brief idea of whats happening in case you change some settings or something "feels weird". When i build up my machines, i always just install latest bios, drivers, run some benchmarks and check if they are in line with whats on the internet and im good to go.

I discovered strange behaviour with my memory kit. I have 3000/14 Bdie kit from Gskill. If i run memory on JEDEC specs (2133/15), im getting 24 880points in CBR20 and 17s in Corona.

If i enable XMP or set memory to higher frequency with tighter timings, it goes down to 19-22s in Corona and 23-24k in CB.

Try to run your memory kit completely stock. Im even thinking buying new 128gb kit with 2133 which is pretty cheap compared top 3000+ kits.

My 3990 build is running now. I wasnt able to boot/post, fans spinning at 100% speed and not even gpu signal. I thought its memory issue but i tried to flash it from usb drive and that helped.

Corona benchmark 17s, this cpu is monster. Whats blew my mind was FPS counter when i tried BF5. I have 1080ti and im getting 170-200fps on High settings. How is that even possible that 64 HEDT CPU with such low base clock is destroying some "gaming" cpus from intel. This is incredible.

Interesting info, thanks.

I`ll be using B-die kit from Gskill (3000/14) and i dont have any plans to push it further. Im even fine running it at 2133 if it doesnt affect Corona as it does on x399. Difference between 2133 and 2933 was huge, floating between 41s (2933) and up to 1min+ on 2133.

Anyway, just ordered MSI Creator, should be here on tuesday so i can finally put it all together. Its been 10 years since i had anything except Gigabyte mobos. I wanted Zenith but i like how Creator looks and they are basically same except few i/o differences.

Yea i dont know if its good idea to risk it and buy that Aorus Master or wait a bit. Maybe they hit jackpot and got some weird incompatibility issues between memory and mobo/bios/whatever.

Alos, i was checking MSI Creator and i found it 100-150e cheaper outside of Alza. Rest of the boards seems to have similiar price everywhere.

Thanks for the reply.

I think i will go with Aorus Master. Im satisfied with x399 Aorus Extreme. Only downside is annoying VRM fan noise. Had to turn it off in bios several times but otherwise, zero issues.

EDIT : just found this (mem issues),26.html

Hello guys.

I have 3990x sitting on the table, had no time to properly check mobos yet but from quick research i did today it seems that almost every TRX40 mobo is enough in terms of VRM.

Thing is that i will use one gpu and few hard drivers so im not sure if i can justify paying 500e more compared to some "entry level" boards. Looks like the price is tied to I/O palette and spending hundreds more on something i will never use seems like a bad idea. Any advices about this ? Im on the fence with Taichi boards but they are sold out. First, i was torn between Zenith Alpha and Aorus extreme but i think its a waste to have such mobo if im not even going to OC or use PBO. Im planning to cool with with NHU14S. Aorus Master looks like a nice middle ground but i read that some people are not satisfied with them.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-19, 14:55:51 »
I was testing push pull setup extensively and difference on 2990wx was like 1C at most.

Its hard to believe you are getting such huge difference. Its still single tower.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-07, 22:35:39 »
I see 3990 more like node/work horse where i can send some stuff and let it work. For every day use / occasional gaming / multitasking, 3970 looks like a better choice , mainly for having much higher base clock. Even on 2990, you can feel that 3.0 in some scenarios where its not as snappy as it should be. Correct me if im wrong.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-11-25, 20:05:09 »
Don't stress the seconds my dudes, I've seen plenty of benchmarks with numbers like 31seconds (and also 41 for 2990WX).

Well, average for most of the 2990wx is in 41-43s (stock). In such a small time frame, even 3s is few % difference in performance. 41vs34s looks better than vs 44s vs 34s. Visually and mathematically. I have read other benchmarks as well and i have seen 40s for 2990wx and 29s for 3970x. Not sure whats going on. I never achieved anything under 41s without overclocking manually. Not even with PBO.

For the TRX40, Zenith II costs 800 Euro here... and Aorus 1000 Euro. That's rather high. Also the temps are high so you might as well build dem loops :- ).

Thats good point. 82C on air under load (hey, its winter time) sounds a bit scary. Imagine having your PC running for days during hot summer day without custom loop.

Smoothness of Max, my 4.4Ghz (constant with idle downclocking) i9 with Quadro RTX 5000 is not exactly "smooth" on 2016. I have yet to test newer versions, but by now I would place blame squarely on Max.

Thanks for info. Can you tell me if UI is more snappy with your intel compared to 2990wx  ? What about IR or material creation during IR ?

Anyway, whats your opinion guys on 3970x ? Purely as Corona user i dont think having image done in 100min instead of 120min is worth that money. Maybe for someone doing a lot of animations.

EDIT : New chipset driver for x399 and RM is out.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-11-25, 18:43:13 »
First, im getting 41s with stock 2990wx, not sure how they got 44s but i was expecting sub 30s for new 32c.

Im not impressed at all in terms of Corona performance. Rest of the benchmarks are indeed, impressive.

Now im on the fence with upgrading. I will wait on 64c to see how it scales in Corona/Vray.

Biggest temptation is single core performance but on the other side, im not 100% sure if anything will change with 3970x in terms of 3ds max "smoothness and snappiness".

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