Author Topic: Convert to Max Geometry Multiple Scatters  (Read 6157 times)

2024-02-09, 00:29:21
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On the other note: Where the objects created by having 240 separate splines and 240 separate scatters? Wouldn't it be easier to attach all the splines and have 1 spline, and just 1 scatter? From the attached screenshots, I think that would very well work and there would have not been a need to convert so many scatters.

Yeah that helped... a bit, each scatter had adjustments to each line, I dont know why the person that modeled this object decided that, maibe no one would even notice that each line had different attributes, but the thing is that this kind of tool would really help in other cases where every scatter changes were noticeable or had different scattered objects, please consider to add this tool in the future.