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Gallery / Animation of laser alignment system
« on: 2016-06-03, 00:24:39 »
Figured it would be interesting to share a recently posted video I created, which is an introductory / marketing video for a laser alignment system. It will come in at about 18 minutes long for all 5 parts, though there are freeze frames and loops in the video editor so not every frame was rendered independently (made no sense to render the same thing over and over though it would make the set up in the video editor easier!)

The look is not a fully photo-real one, still somewhat illustrative. Client is very happy with it, as am I - ah to have had denoising during this one!


Jobs / Success stories
« on: 2016-06-02, 22:16:05 »
Did you find a job or find the perfect employee from here on the Corona forums? Are you a freelancer using Corona, at any level?

As you know (or will soon learn!) I am always on the lookout for interesting stories for our blog and Facebook, so if you have a tale to tell I’d be interested to hear from you. Send me over a private message and we can discuss!

Best regards,

General CG Discussion / Contests
« on: 2016-06-02, 20:31:01 »
Hi all,

I am always interested to know about anyone who enters a contest using Corona, so give me a shout if you have entered any. Some of the contests running at present are:

CGTalk's Thrust Challenge
It's about spaceships (don't go thinking anything else from the title!) Deadline is July 19th.

Talenthouse's Ready Player One
Get an avatar selected for use in the upcoming Ready Player One movie. Deadline is June 23rd.

CGarchitect's 2016 Awards
Deadline is June 6th

Project Sloane
Free model of the Sir John Sloane's Bank of England, and then you create renders of it. Deadline June 6th/

If you enter any, let me know - and best of luck! Also if you know of any other contests that folks might want to enter, post them here too.


General CG Discussion / CG Architect contest
« on: 2016-05-05, 15:40:40 »
On a more traditional note compared to the ILM contest, anyone entering the cgarchitect contest? (note, we are not affiliated in any way with this contest, I am just sharing for those who may be interested). Again, always interested to hear how any Coronauts do in contests!


General CG Discussion / Anyone want their work seen by ILM?
« on: 2016-05-05, 15:37:23 »
Artstation has a new Concept Art based contest starting soon (note, we are not affiliated in any way with this contest, I am just sharing for those who may be interested). Looks like it will be a challenging one! I do love to see Corona entries into contests, so if anyone does take part, let me know!

Anyone entering the Project Soane contest?

Grab yourself a model of Sir John Soane’s Bank of England, and create your interpretation and render to enter this contest (note, we are not affiliated in any way with the contest, just a share so people know it is there!)

You have to use Autodesk software but any renderer is allowed (

I see some Corona entries in there already :) When browsing the gallery, select the filter drop down and choose Corona, as for some reason when looking at the image the Render Engine is simply listed as "NVIDIA GeForce" or similar.

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