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Jobs / Swiss start-up is hiring
« on: 2018-03-08, 11:07:09 »
Hi guys

Our archi-viz studio Pangaroo GmbH has been existing for just 8 months now and we're doing good.
Currently we're a team of 3 people (not all of us doing 3D) and we're looking for a part-time 3D Artist (40-80%) that would join us in our office in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

Our software pipeline:
- 3ds Max
- Corona
- PS, AE

If you feel addressed then send me a pm

Hi guys

I'm currently setting up simple Command Line rendering in our office. This works quite well so far, I have one master batch file which calls all batch files in a certain Job folder. Those ladder batch files contain the projects to render, one project per file.

Obviously you get a certain amount of control over the Common Render Settings in Max which is great.
But what I was asking myself is whether there was a way to override the Corona Render Settings as well from a batch file? It would be great to set parameters like Pass Limit, Noise Level Limit and Denoise Amount.

I can see that Max' CMD Line Render supports calling Pre and Post Render Scripts which would be a way. But I would love to have those settings available in the batch file and not in a seperate MaxScript file.

And one further thing. I'd like to know if it is possible to save 2 different file types from CMD Line render. Obviously if you render by hand you can use Save Render Output to save e.g. a JPG and then use the VFB to save out a CXR. But since it closes the VFB after being done and reopens a different Max file for rendering, this is not an option.

Thanks for any hints.

[Max] I need help! / CoronaProxy not rendering via MaxScript
« on: 2017-10-17, 10:44:24 »
Hi you MaxScript masters!

I have an issue. We have our libraries with 3d models and I'd like to batch render them all out to single JPGs. This works so far so good, the only problem I have is that Corona Proxies won't show in the render. If I start the render by hand it's perfectly fine but if I start it via the MaxScript render function it is not visible. All the rest works just fine I think it's just a problem of that function not rendering CoronaProxies.

Can anyone help me out on that one?

Code: [Select]
temppath = maxFilePath
select geometry
deselect $Std_Floor
theObjs = selection as array

for obj in theObjs do
select $Std_Floor
selectMore obj
if (isGroupMember obj) == true then
jpgfile =".jpg"
maxfile =".max"
render camera:$Camera001 outputFile:jpgfile vfb:false
saveNodes obj maxfile quiet:true


Thanks in advance!

Work in Progress/Tests / Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept
« on: 2016-09-02, 09:54:49 »
Hi there

Where working on a 3d model of the new Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept car. It is completely based on reference photos since there are no blueprints out there in the www.

On a personal note I'd be interested to hear what you think of the design of this car. From what I've seen so far it seems to polarize people's opinions quite a lot.

Hi filmic tonemapping and VFB+ users!

I have a question concerning highlight compression.

I find that when compressing highlights with filmic tonemapping it is less "effective" than when using Corona's HC. Indeed the highlights get desaturated pleasingly but I'm not quite able to grasp how it works in detail. Sometimes parts of the highlights get brighter, other parts get darker. Same behaviour happens with Rich Shadows.

I am now having an interior scene and I want to create a Pano from it. But the outside is blown out even though there are big windows and Compress Highlights is set to a high value.
Here's the pano.

Can you give me some tipps how you approach highlight compression with VFB+? Decrease Exposure and then brighten the dark colors and then re-adding contrast? Not really, right..?

I would be glad for your feedback.


Gallery / Detached House in CH
« on: 2016-05-14, 21:23:05 »
Hi there

This is my latest project for a local real estate agent, they sell those houses "en bloc".
I'd be glad to hear from you what you think of it.

3ds Max 16
Corona 1.4 RC6
VFB+ 2.7 beta (a blast!)

Hi there

Yesterday we talked about IOR and reflection amount in this topic:

And I always find it hard to estimate the amount of reflection at a specific IOR, so I decided to create a chart where one can see the relations between the two in a straightforward fashion.

I didn't find anything similar on the web but maybe I was looking in the wrong places. When someone has other sources for this, please tell here!

Hi there

I will start sharing our new free models from Turbosquid here. There is more to come.

First there is the Furtif Desk by Roche & Bobois Paris.

Ready to render in Corona 1.3 and V-Ray 3.2.

I hope one or another stumbles upon it and finds it useful.

Gallery / Optasia Models
« on: 2016-01-20, 15:43:34 »
Hi there

I will add some models here that we create during the year. Most of them go to

[Max] Corona Goodies - User Contributions / Flex Hose Mtl
« on: 2016-01-20, 12:08:32 »
Hi there

I recently created a material for flexible hoses made of woven stainless steel which are used in the sanitary field.

It uses a displacement map and a bump map on a basic chrome material. For close-up distances use displacement, for further away bump map only does the trick.

Well, I hope it helps some of you.

[Max] I need help! / Batch Render not working with Corona
« on: 2016-01-05, 12:23:58 »
Hi guys

I have never been able to do a batch render since the beginning of using Corona. It can't be that hard, what am I doing wrong?

If I set up Batch Rendering with 2 cameras, set the output paths (where I couldn't even get the Name Template tool working properly, it seems like it always takes the camera name of the current active viewport and not the one which is defined in the Batch Render settings......), define a number of passes in the Corona Render Settings and hit "Render" in the Batch Render Dialog, it takes like 1 second and gives this error message. It doesn't even seem to start the rendering.

Using Max 2016, Corona 1.3. Same behaviour in Max 2014 and earlier Corona.

Can anyone help me?

Gallery / BB-8 visiting the Alps
« on: 2015-12-21, 16:30:03 »
Hi there

Yes, I jumped onto the hype train as well. Seeing getwrightonit (so model & texture credits to them) share a ready-to-roll BB-8 model I succumbed the temptation.

A sidenote regarding the new Star Wars movie:
I was in the theater last friday and can only say, that I enjoyed every single minute of this film. I can't tell much about the story since a film with great VFX is fully satisfactory to me, and this time this really was the case. There were so many breathtaking pictures that gave me the urge to just pause the film and explore them further!

So, apart from all the hype that this film is getting, I think for us 3D artists this is really a recommendation!

Back to topic:
I wish you guys all the best for the coming holidays! Thanks for developing Corona, thanks for making great imagery and sharing them to give others some inspiration!



Due to a workflow change for including VFB+ i switched to Max' native frame buffer. But there I experienced the issue that it won't show the render elements during render process.

I am now asking if it is possible to change this? Because if I want to check the passes for noise I don't want to cancel the rendering.

Regards, Ben


I like to make wire renders of high poly objects with TurboSmooth only showing isolines.

Here is an example:,10091.msg64380.html#msg64380

But as you can see the problem is, that when doing that, CoronaWire is changing the line weight when approaching a vertex. This effect intensifies when the line weight gets stronger. No matter if world unit or pixel size is checked.

The first attached image is with all lines, second one is only isolines.

Is this a known issue? I'd really like to see streamlined lines across multiple vertices :)

Gallery / Maserati 450S
« on: 2015-11-02, 09:47:14 »
Here is another work of us.

The Maserati 450S is a race car from 1956 with the temperament of its creators. V8 motor, 400hp, topspeed 300km/h.

This is the first time we are doing automotive renderings, so I would be glad to hear some feedback concerning composition and lighting.

BTW: CoronaWire Map seems to change the line weight when it's divided by a vertex. Is this already discussed somewhere? I really like to check "Isoline Display" in Turbosmooth modifier to generate a cleaned up wire rendering. But this issue is making me forget about that idea.

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