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[Max] I need help! / Re: Bim objects
« on: 2019-01-31, 08:55:35 »
I usually have the same issue. It's mostly a thing of unwelded vertices which you can't necessarily resolve with simple auto-welding since sometimes there are more than 2 vertices in the same spot. And the normals are screwed up as well most of the time. I tend not to use any CAD files with curvature. For planar geometry like walls and such it works fine.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds version 3
« on: 2018-10-24, 08:13:04 »
aaouviz, I've had a similar error once because Backburner was not installed on the slave.

Jobs / Re: Swiss start-up is hiring
« on: 2018-05-15, 10:08:02 »
We're all set now, thanks for everyone that contacted me.

Gallery / Re: Classical apartment product showcase
« on: 2018-04-04, 13:53:56 »
As said above, really stunning imagery! Congrats to this achievement!

I actually regret a lot not spending my early time in 3D building this sort of foundation, how to use spotlights, softboxes, bounce cards etc. So for me, it's slow rediscovery too.

In case that you know of any literature/websites/tutorials that show some of those workflows I'd be interested to dig into that!

Jobs / Swiss start-up is hiring
« on: 2018-03-08, 11:07:09 »
Hi guys

Our archi-viz studio Pangaroo GmbH has been existing for just 8 months now and we're doing good.
Currently we're a team of 3 people (not all of us doing 3D) and we're looking for a part-time 3D Artist (40-80%) that would join us in our office in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

Our software pipeline:
- 3ds Max
- Corona
- PS, AE

If you feel addressed then send me a pm

Hmm only if it's a single element per RailClone segment.
On more complex segments if they were treated as seperate instances that would help already, then you could randomize by instance. But for cases like a wooden floor the randomization by element ID should work already, right?

Well I tried using Corona's UVWRandomizer in conjunction with RailClone but according to my observations the limitation stays the same since you can't randomize the UV's by Element.
I'm really longing for that option for both CoronaMultiMap and CoronaUVWRandomizer.

Thanks for your reply. A drawback I guess is just the fact that I'd have to prepare multiple files for a single job..
Me too ;)

Hi guys

I'm currently setting up simple Command Line rendering in our office. This works quite well so far, I have one master batch file which calls all batch files in a certain Job folder. Those ladder batch files contain the projects to render, one project per file.

Obviously you get a certain amount of control over the Common Render Settings in Max which is great.
But what I was asking myself is whether there was a way to override the Corona Render Settings as well from a batch file? It would be great to set parameters like Pass Limit, Noise Level Limit and Denoise Amount.

I can see that Max' CMD Line Render supports calling Pre and Post Render Scripts which would be a way. But I would love to have those settings available in the batch file and not in a seperate MaxScript file.

And one further thing. I'd like to know if it is possible to save 2 different file types from CMD Line render. Obviously if you render by hand you can use Save Render Output to save e.g. a JPG and then use the VFB to save out a CXR. But since it closes the VFB after being done and reopens a different Max file for rendering, this is not an option.

Thanks for any hints.

Code: [Select]

Good Luck

Someone like you was what I was hoping for. I'm not very confident with the syntax yet ;)
Thank you Frood!

Nevermind it works now. Was probably my poor coding skillz.

But another question: Are MaxScript functions like adaptivity_targetError not accessible or am I doing something wrong?

In my logic this should set a Noise Level Limit of 5.0:

Code: [Select]
CoronaRenderer.adaptivity_targetError 5.0

But the Listener returns an unknown property error.

[Max] I need help! / CoronaProxy not rendering via MaxScript
« on: 2017-10-17, 10:44:24 »
Hi you MaxScript masters!

I have an issue. We have our libraries with 3d models and I'd like to batch render them all out to single JPGs. This works so far so good, the only problem I have is that Corona Proxies won't show in the render. If I start the render by hand it's perfectly fine but if I start it via the MaxScript render function it is not visible. All the rest works just fine I think it's just a problem of that function not rendering CoronaProxies.

Can anyone help me out on that one?

Code: [Select]
temppath = maxFilePath
select geometry
deselect $Std_Floor
theObjs = selection as array

for obj in theObjs do
select $Std_Floor
selectMore obj
if (isGroupMember obj) == true then
jpgfile =".jpg"
maxfile =".max"
render camera:$Camera001 outputFile:jpgfile vfb:false
saveNodes obj maxfile quiet:true


Thanks in advance!

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