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[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds version 2
« on: 2018-05-03, 18:12:12 »
nice addition of the 3d volume ...but its super slow on the material editor also ....when changing to the "inside" mode, could the preview change to a simpler or 2D representation of the maps?? ..

Will do as soon I finish some other stuff at work. I'm really new to UE so I did some testing on my spare time with the limited knowledge I have on light and shading in UE.

I did some really quick export from max2017 /corona 1.7 to UE...literally just click export and then import to more than 3 minutes each. I did the test with some downloaded scenes first.

The last 3 images are the same scene, with simple materials..just diffuse, some of them with bump and falloff for reflections...but all models collapsed...I think it helps a lot with the uvw unwraping export process....and then just click export and import ...

There is no support for color correction yet, bump maps (greyscale) and other stuff, but the export process is really good on geometry...

I think it's a really good tool for us that don't know a lot of UE and had to deal with a lot of optimizing, unwrapping, etc, etc. before getting into the fun part in UE.

In one of the UE groups on facebook it has been said that this week there is going to be a big round of beta invites. So maybe more people here can test it and share tips and good practices here (and in the beta forum) ..

Is anybody else testing Datasmith ? ... I've been in the beta for like a week now. Exporting mesh is really good and most basic materials are fine.
There are some Corona users posting in the UE beta program forum. It would be nice to share stuff here too...

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: MultiMap and pflow
« on: 2017-10-26, 16:08:59 »
-can you check this with material static vs material dynamic?

-in pflow settings there is also something like viewport % and render % - can you try setting both to 100%

-another setting is "half-frame", "one frame", etc... I forgot the name, it's like computation step. Can you also set both to the same value?

-workaround would be saving the pflow using mesher and assigning random material ids using material by element modifier

Hi Maru.

-same problem with both..
-all was done with 100% on both settings
-integration step the same on both on half frame
-it works, but the bad thing is that the 3dsmax file gets huuuge...and export to alembic also is huge.... I've try this method because I had to render on cgifarm and got the flicker problem too ..

I asked a friend to do a test with other as it should

with the settings attached.. Same thing as in corona: Just a material with the multimap on the diffuse..

When viewing the pflow the Particle ID itself are not changing when particles die, so Corona must be getting confuse by something while using instance mode...and not randomizing in matID mode..

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: MultiMap and pflow
« on: 2017-10-25, 21:55:18 »
So... I sat down with a friend and try to simplify this.

If the particles get deleted by a deflector...somehow the particles "reset" and the multimap in instance mode flicks ... And it happens with particle age too..

So...instead of instance mode we change to "material ID" but the multimap doesn't seems to "read" the matID. It only renders the first ID with no randomness.

But if you use the multi/subobject and separate coronamats it works well....

It seems that the Corona MultiMap doesn't read the random ID assign by the "material static" box in pflow...and it flicks using the instance mode...

I've been playing with this for not so long, so maybe I'm missing something basic and probably not entirely corona related.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: MultiMap and pflow
« on: 2017-10-25, 16:55:33 »

This is the original sequence xD

It works using different shape for particles each with different colors.....using it with multimap was very useful for quick variations

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: MultiMap and pflow
« on: 2017-10-25, 16:47:04 »
Hi. Haven't tested it, but a quick guess would be, that this happens when the first particles start to "die".

So what's your lifespan set to, and will the blinking stop if your particles live forever?

Hi. I forgot to say that those 2 "sets" of  particles are just one, it's part of a loop animation. So the bottom group it just the upper group but with time offset....
So the particles have no lifespan limit, they are emitted for 48 frames but no "age test" or "delete" node in pflow...

They just get emitted....all good for some time and then BAM... the ficker begins...

[Max] Bug Reporting / MultiMap and pflow
« on: 2017-10-25, 16:23:02 »
Hello guys.
I've been having this problem since 1.6.

I'm using pflow to do some stuff and used the CoronaMultiMap to randomize some Shape Instances base color. And as you can see in the GIF they start fine but then the colors assigned get randomize every frame.

I did some of the same type of pflow animations before and did not have this problem...I'm not sure but I think I started to notice this when some of the hotfixes for 1.6 came out...but not sure at all when exactly.

I've attached some of the settings I have.

I'm using one shape with the multimap. But this also happens while using a group of shapes....

This happens when rendering locally, in the VFB and using backburner ..

Any help would be nice, because I can not exactly pinpoint if it is a problem just of MultiMap or something from pflow..


+1 for Alembic loader

and recently I needed to scatter stuff in particles.
So something similar to VrayInstancer would be cool..

[Max] I need help! / Re: Vrscans
« on: 2017-08-29, 01:19:56 »
Will they be renamed -fill here-scans? .. xd

Saw the recording of the q&a.
Nice to hear that if either of the teams makes a breakthrough in something it will have to share it with the other. But what about the implementation of those new things? Each team will independently decide put it in it's engine?

I am truly disappointed. Say what you want about tools being just tools but corona had a fresh look and feel. Now I have the feeling this tech exchange with vray will lead to a sea of monotonous vray-corona hybrid renders. :(

R&D will be amazing from now on...

but I have the same feeling about this. Eventually there will be a slow merge of characteristics and features (with new price tags??) ...or two different applications for certain targets but one of them will just stay as the little baby brother of the other one ...Lele posted on the chaosg forum: "Want things quick, Corona, want to go deeper, V-Ray.", that would be a reality..... so much for making rendering fun again :c

Gallery / Re: The Glass fruits & berries
« on: 2017-07-18, 19:16:48 »
if it is ...the color correction and post production with such shallow DoF are equally amazing..

the only tiny thing that bugs me its the lack of meniscus in the pear and cherry liquids. it should be more noticeble due to the scale of objects and surface tension..

Gallery / Re: The Glass fruits & berries
« on: 2017-07-18, 15:53:58 »
This is just the glass wrapping and liquid in 3d .....right?? :O

Damn...those came out a bit "Trumpy" :S

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