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[Max] Bug Reporting / MultiMap and pflow
« on: 2017-10-25, 16:23:02 »
Hello guys.
I've been having this problem since 1.6.

I'm using pflow to do some stuff and used the CoronaMultiMap to randomize some Shape Instances base color. And as you can see in the GIF they start fine but then the colors assigned get randomize every frame.

I did some of the same type of pflow animations before and did not have this problem...I'm not sure but I think I started to notice this when some of the hotfixes for 1.6 came out...but not sure at all when exactly.

I've attached some of the settings I have.

I'm using one shape with the multimap. But this also happens while using a group of shapes....

This happens when rendering locally, in the VFB and using backburner ..

Any help would be nice, because I can not exactly pinpoint if it is a problem just of MultiMap or something from pflow..


This is a repeating problem i've been having since 1.5 all the way to 1.6 DB 

I've been having strange problems with rendering. In the 1.6 DB materials with refractions render wrong, like in attachtment 2. They suppose to look like attachtment 1, just some plasticky tubes. After this if I activate IR or make a render...well, nothing renders (attachtment 3) is working and all you can see in the image is background color or enviroment image. Everything gets back to normal after restarting 3dsmax. Wich is really problematic now because we need to render an animation.... It happens with backburner too. It renders fine for 8 to 10 frames, then..all renders without objects..

I've tested with max 2014 too and we are having the same problem.
Max 2017 is with SP3
Win 10 x64 ..

I just cannot think of any solution. The only thing I've notice is first the problem with refractions and after that just nothing renders...

I'm doing some material testing for some styleframes for the animation, so the screenshots reveal several materials, and just the ones with refractions are having the problem...

Work in Progress/Tests / Tests for Fun
« on: 2014-10-30, 18:45:34 »
Hi there.
I've been using Corona for a while now. Mainly converting at work some interior and exterior scenes from vray to see if we can accomodate Corona to our workflow (I'm all for it. I just have to convince a couple of people :)). I do this with a co-worker so it's a fun procedure to go through.

With some spare time after lunch I usually start a scene from scratch and load some models I see on internet. So I have a bunch of renders. Gonna upload some of them here to share and start talking about anything :)

This ones are from yesterday. I've download the Lucy Angel Statue from  you can get the original scan from Standford Repository of course

So..Just a hdri probe (Uffizi) and the ground has the same size of the uffizi (check wikipedia), PT+PT, default values.

And started to play with the model ...

Even though I make a lot of test I always try to make a aestheticly pleasent image. }


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