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« on: 2022-08-23, 16:35:12 »
excelellent work. I like daily scenes and water animation, very realistic.
Do you use some scatter system?

I like to have the ability to scale independent objects INSIDE the scatter, i have already asked for this and some one from corona just told me to scale the original object, WE don't want to scale the original objects!

despite the fact that we have added the ability to change the scale - preserve scale mode ;)

1D scatter will not place object on spline with thickness and distance parameters like Multiscatter. But this is good function, we add into todo list.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper vs. i9
« on: 2019-11-27, 08:57:41 »
test render without backurber, local render, same frame. What time for I9 and Threadripper?

The CSatter transformations were modified in the new version so that the transformation of the object did not affect the scattered objects. IMHO is so right, if it does not affect rotation and movement, neither the scale can influence. That it does so multisacatter is no excuse :)

If you want to change the scale, you can use the scatter functions directly.

If you want to scale a source object with an influence on scatter objects, you have to do it at the polygon/mesh level

For Corona proxy objects, this is unfortunately not possible. Hopefully Corona team will fix this soon.

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