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Title: VFB
Post by: gootman on 2015-06-11, 19:39:27
It`s awesome, guys)) Thank`s for 3 Alpha.

I can`t understand hoew to use VFB from Corona. I can`t to choose it in VFB setting and when I open VFM window from Plugins menu and tap there Render - Standart window opens and corona vfb windows doesn`t work(
Title: Re: VFB
Post by: Ales on 2015-06-12, 11:14:46
Unfortunatelly, Corona VFB is currently used only as secondary FB. So, right now, it can be used only alongside with C4D picture viewer. Ofcourse this is not final solution - I will do my best to integrate it fully till next release.

BTW, Render button will open C4D viewer, but it should also render in Corona VFB, does it not work in your case?
Title: Re: VFB
Post by: gootman on 2015-06-12, 11:21:59
It`s all working) In last time a didn`t wayting and i think it was no workong.) Thank`s for answer, So, in the next realise will you do realtime render? And what about DR?