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Blown Glass

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Alex Abarca:
Does anyone have a material technique no make blown glass that includes large bump and air bubbles in the between the glass?

I been trying for a bit without any luck, I am not getting results.

PICTURE EXAMPLE These are too many bubbles but its an example.

PICTURE EXAMPLE And this bump...

There's no way to replicate it via material only. You have to add these air bubbles to your model's geometry.

Ludvik Koutny:
Actually, i just tried something and it seems to work.

Create your glass material, then put CoronaFrontBackMap into bump slot. In front slot, put black color, and in back slot, put bump map of bubbles. It seems to work. In front slot, you can also put some smooth noise map to get that wavy bump you are after :)


Alex Abarca:

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Haha. Ok here is the technique Rawalanche explained. It worked, thanks! Next problem I am having is excluding the light emitter thingy to reflect off objects to many times.


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