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Changes in Corona 9 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-09-19) (

  • Added:
    • Added support for Cinema 4D 2023
  • Fixed/Changed:
    • Improved rendering speed of Corona clouds
    • Faster IR parsing of Clouds
    • Fixed some more issues with tonemapping pipeline being reset when switching cameras
    • Chaos Scatter is now separate plugin
      • For now this is mostly internal change that will allow us to simplify development of Chaos Scatter
    • Fixed problem with decals not working on Corona pattern using materials from pattern object

Changes in Corona 9 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-08-30) (

  • Added:
    • Added support for clouds in Corona Sky
    • Experimental implementation of out-of-core textures for Corona Bitmap
      • For now this can be enabled in Development/Experimental stuff by setting non-zero cache size and clicking "Update cache"
      • The UI is not final and will be changed in future versions
    • DOF is now also supported in fisheye camera
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed occasional crash in Corona Pattern when changing values in IR
      • this was reproducible on macOS, but could also happen on Windows
    • Corona Pattern now works on objects with other modifiers
    • Corona Light now works with modifiers
    • Fixed a bug when Corona pattern placed before other objects on the same hierarchy level prevented pattern from being applied on these objects
    • Corona Pattern can now be instanced, instance will work the same as if copy of referenced pattern would be placed in its place
      • Note that pattern must be referenced by instance directly, not as a part of hierarchy as in such case the hierarchy itself is instanced

Changes in Corona 9 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-08-19) (

  • Added:
    • Added Corona Pattern modifier
      • Create a surface, apply the modifier by placing it under the object (just as with any other Cinema 4D modifier), place pattern-geometry under the Corona Pattern modifier and everything is set up
    • Decals can now be imported from Cosmos
    • Added option to preserve Slicer material when using material override
    • Added option to preserve opacity and bump when using material override
  • Changed:
    • Improved Corona Error window - improves performance when lot of errors is shown and fixes UI problems on macOS
    • ACES OT tonemapping operator is now used by default in new scenes
    • Cosmos browser on Windows now opens in its own window instead of external web browser
    • Removed support for Cinema 4D R14, R15 and R16
      • These versions are really old and required lot of maintenance time that we can now focus on improving new and existing features
  • Fixed:
    • Corona lights can now be instanced using both render instances and multi-instances (previously this only worked in IR)
    • Corona lights now also work with Chaos Scatter
    • Corona lights now support included/excluded objects also in viewport preview
    • Improved viewport performance when lot of Corona lights is present
    • Fixed issue when spherical Corona light would disappear when it was non-uniformly scaled in IR
    • Fixed rendering of Cinema 4D area light - Note that there is still only basic support for C4D lights
    • Fixed crash when loading corrupted Proxy file with full mesh preview enabled
    • Fixed problem when hidden object was rendered in IR when it was instanced by render instance or multi-instance
    • Fixed occasional crashes when changing instanced object render visibility in IR
    • Fixed occasional crashes when running Cinema 4D with low memory and low memory error was triggered
    • Fixed minor (few KB) memory leak when rendering
    • Fixed crash in decals caused by some objects with corrupted geometry
    • Fixed some cases when Layered material preview was not updated after changing its submaterials
    • Fixed minimum value for step in UVW randomizer
    • Fixed Corona using only E-cores of modern Intel CPUs on Windows 11 when in background

Note: during our testing we found some potential problems with Pattern on macOS when used in interactive rendering in scenes containing hair. We will examine these for the next daily build.


the data container storing all Corona preferences can be retrieved from main C4D settings container under ID 1030480 - this ID is currently not visible in the .h files in plugin folders, but we'll try adding it in the future so that you wouldn't need to hardcode its value.

An example for reading PREF_CORONA_CORE_VERSION you mentioned would be:

Code: [Select]
coronaPreferences = c4d.GetWorldContainerInstance()[1030480]

Changes in Corona 9 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-05-24) (

  • Fixed:
    • Cosmos materials are now imported with correct scale when using triplanar mapping
    • Fixed crash when using Cosmos on macOS when both Corona and V-Ray are installed
    • Fixed crash when using search in Cosmos browser on macOS
      • this was changed on server side, so the problem should be also resolved for version 8 and previous version 9 daily builds
    • Fixed problems with importing Cosmos objects when path to assets download directory contains localized characters

Changes in Corona 9 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-05-11) (

  • Fixed:
    • Fixed errors reported in command line version of Cinema 4D when loading Corona
    • Fixed import of some Cosmos materials on macOS
    • Fixed issues when using ColorPicker in Corona VFB with linear percent value types
    • Fixed issues (Non-Standard Format error) when loading different types of LUTs
    • Fixed problem with missing close button in About dialog in S22 on macOS

the tone mapping operators are now stored as a separate nodes under Corona camera tag and Corona video post in render settings. This is because it is now possible to e.g. re-order these operators, add duplicate ones etc.

These operators are stored as standard C4D BaseList2D nodes, first operator node can be retrieved by something like following:

Code: [Select]
PLUGINID_CORONA              = 1030480

def GetFirstTonemappingOperator(node):
    filtered = [b["head"] for b in node.GetBranchInfo() if b["id"] == CORONA_TONEMAPPING_BRANCH_ID]
    if filtered:
        return filtered[0].GetFirst()

For camera this would be used as
Code: [Select]
cameraTag = camera.GetTag(PLUGINID_CORONA_CAMERA_TAG)
firstOperator = GetFirstTonemappingOperator(cameraTag)

For render settings it could be used as:
Code: [Select]
vp = doc.GetActiveRenderData().GetFirstVideoPost()
while vp:
    if vp.IsInstanceOf(PLUGINID_CORONA):
    vp = vp.GetNext()
firstOperator = GetFirstTonemappingOperator(vp)

Each operator can then be examined using IDs you can find in plugin folder in res/description/postprocess_operator.h.

For example setting all exposure operators to 4.2 could be done using:
Code: [Select]
operator = firstOperator
while operator:
    if operator[c4d.CORONA_POSTPROCESS_OPERATOR_TYPE_NAME] == "Chaos.SimpleExposureOperator.Data":
    operator = operator.GetNext()

Now, is a little bit more complicated, but it is simply because tone mapping now does not have any predefined ordering and can be arbitrary modified. For all other parameters in camera tag and render settings the things should be as before, e.g setting ISO can be done as before using
Code: [Select]
cameraTag[c4d.CORONA_CAMERA_ISO] = 300
Unfortunatelly we currently don't have any unified documentation for this, but we will try to add it in the near future as there seems to be quite a need for it. We will also try to introduce some utilities for Python scripting that would simplify things... I'll write in this topic once we have some more information.

Finally, regarding CORONA_LIGHTMTL_EMISSION_COLOR_LEVEL/CORONA_LIGHT_MATERIAL_EMISSION_COLOR_LEVEL, we renamed few such parameters in v8 internally to make it more consistent with other parameters. We will add aliases for these in v8 hotfix.

Changes in Corona 9 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-04-21) (

  • Added:
    • Added support for Cinema 4D S26
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed problem with Avoid collisions in Chaos Scatter not working with Decals

Note: All these changes will be released as a version 8 hotfix later.

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 5) (

  • Chaos scatter
    • Unified transformations to behave as expected in Cinema 4D - it now behaves as Y = up
      • Values in scenes saved in previous RCs are automatically adjusted so that the render result remains the same
      • Transformation shaders might behave differently in the new version as now they are evaluated as Green = Y = Up
    • Fixed instances orientation in 3D scattering mode
  • General improvements and bug fixes
    • Configuration file vrlclient.xml is now created by default during installation on macOS (so that locating it from preferences works even after clean installation)
    • Fixed missing context menu (allowing to remove operations) when editing tone mapping via render settings or from camera
    • Updated icons on macOS

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 4) (

  • Tone mapping
  • Chaos Scatter
    • Fixed "Avoid collisions" in Scatter not working with Corona proxy
    • Fixed Scatter viewport preview updates when scattering Corona proxy
    • Added "Immediate updates" option in Scatter - this can be disabled to improve viewport performance when scattering bigger amount of objects
    • Distance shader now works when used in Scatter
  • Licensing
    • Allow locating licensing configuration file (vrlclient.xml) from preferences
    • Fixed problem with "Open license server" always opening localhost on MacOS, regardless of configuration
    • Removed trial activation button in CIE and Standalone, as it is not possible to activate trial from there
  • General improvements and bug fixes
    • Fix of faceting being visible when materials with bump from Cosmos are assigned to an object
    • Fixed import of opacity cutout in Cosmos materials
    • Fixed artifacts caused by Curvature shader in certain cases
    • It is now possible to enable/disable masks visibility for decals (to make them visible in ID pass of multi-pass)

It seems to be working here with RC3, both with client running on Windows and macOS (tested with one Windows and one macOS (Intel) machines with vrlclient.xml pointing to single macOS (M1) machine). Is there anything specific in your vrlclient.xml that might be relevant? In my tests I only configured primary server (Host) and left secondary (Host1 and Host2) empty. Also, is this happening on Windows or macOS?

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 3) (

  • Tone mapping
    • Fixed curves and LUT conversion when loading older scenes with camera overriding tone mapping
    • Collapseable operators remain expanded even after reset
    • Dot is now accepted as decimal separator (in addition to localized separator) when inputting numbers via keybord
    • Fixed minor memory leaks
    • Optimized UI update after tone mapping operator moving (most noticeable in CIE)
  • Cosmos
    • Fixed problem with some Cosmos assets missing shader in imported material
    • Corona proxies imported from Cosmos now use full mesh preview mode for Cosmos assets under 500K triangles
  • General improvements and bug fixes
    • Fixed random crashes occuring during rendering for some users
    • Fixed problems with corrupted geometry in some scenes with motion blur that could result in crashes, NaN warning and bounding box warnings
    • Fixed crash in IR caused by vertex map
    • Fixed problem with decals when covering objects with multiple materials assigned using polygon selection
    • Fixed rendering of material stacking on decals when some material tags had disabled tiling
    • Fixed rendering of direct, reflect and refract overrides when using RaySwitcher shader in Corona Sky
    • Fixed problem with "Save scene with assets" where Volume Grid assets were saved without local folder prefix (causing problems in asset asset inspector and when resaving with assets for second time)
    • Fixed problem with Volume Grid not retaining relative paths when localized using asset inspector
    • Fixed issue where the uninstaller fails to remove some folders and files
    • Fixed problem with material library not installing on MacOS Mojave
    • Fixed some more NaN problems
    • Scatter now supports camera clipping
    • Updated icons in Corona VFB

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 2) (

  • Fixes and changes
    • Fixed problems with keyboard editing of tone mapping parameters in Corona VFB on macOS
    • Tone mapping edit dialog now automatically switches to selected camera on selection change
    • Fixed ACES operator not showing parameters in Corona Camera and not saving correctly
    • Tone mapping state is now stored in Cinema 4D presets (Cinema 4D R25+)
    • Fixed problem with LUT paths in tone mapping presets using Windows path on macOS
    • Fixed tone mapping "Copy from render settings" in Corona camera when Corona is not set as active render engine
    • Fixed bug in Scatter that could cause scene corruption when saving after removing distribution objects
    • Drag&dropping texture tags to Node material editor now also adds material
    • Partially fixed updates of Layered material preview on submaterial update
    • Fixed of flipped CoronaBitmap in Decals
    • Improved logo resolution in about dialog for highDPI displays
    • Added missing UI for saturation parameter in Multi Shader
    • Fixed units of scatter object imported from Cosmos
      • Cosmos assets containing scatter were also updated, so you might be asked to redownload such asset before importing it in the new version
    • Fixed issue where installer did not remember non-selected components from previous custom installation
    • Fixed some problems with NaNs
    • Fixed crash when opening Corona Image Editor on macOS

Hi, thanks for reporting this, we'll fix it for RC2.

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