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Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-01-10) (

  • Added
    • Added option to enable multiple randomization modes at once in Multi Shader and UVW Randomizer
  • Fixed
    • Improved checks when adding cap material in slicer material
    • Fixed problem with "Resume from File" open dialog having CXRs grayed out on macOS
    • Fixed problem with Include/Exclude mode in Corona Decal showing incorect default value in UI
    • Fixed problem when re-exporting Corona proxy over already loaded proxy file would result in incorrect material information shown in proxy parameters
    • Fixed problem with material not updating in IR when it is changed directly from render settings dialog
    • Fixed issue where NaNs could appear when using black environment override or disabling "Visible in reflections" inside Corona Sky
    • Fixed problem with Lightmix layers called R, G or B not being recognized as lightmix layer after export to Corona Image Editor

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-12-20) (

  • Added
    • Added Slicer material
    • Dome mapping can now also be used in environment overrides in render settings
    • Decal object can now fully replace bump mapping of original object
  • Fixed
    • Updated help page shown in Corona -> Help dialog
      • Note that current help portal shows error when opened in some versions of Cinema 4D - we are working on fix for this
    • Min level and water level are now correctly grayed out for vector displacement

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-12-03) (

  • Added
    • Added Corona Decal
      • projects a selected texture/material on any geometry
      • works even when layering multiple materials on single decal
      • can be used with instances and multi-instances
  • Fixed
    • Improved performance when reading HDR images in Corona Bitmap
    • Improved performance in IR in some scenes where IR was slower than normal rendering
    • Fixed problems with crashing hair

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-11-10) (

  • Added native support for Apple M1 processors
    • supported for Cinema 4D S24 and R25
    • provided installer installs universal version of Corona that can run both on Intel and M1 devices
    • based on our tests, running native version results in 45-50% faster rendering compared to running under Rosetta
    • in case Cinema 4D was previously set to run under Rosetta with previous versions of Corona, don't forget to disable Rosetta in Cinema 4D application properties
  • Added blend and additive displacement handling into Layered material

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-10-29) (

  • Added:
    • Corona Sky now supports dome mapping
    • Added include/exclude list to specify which object should (not) receive caustics. You can find it in the performance tab of render settings
    • Added OIDN feature pre-denoising (OIDN 1.4.0 new feature)
    • Added partial support for vrmesh proxy files
      • Please note that the current implementation of our vrmesh loader is limited in a way that it can load only proxies containing a single mesh. This will be extended with full support later
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed bug when rendering gets extremely slow and memory consumption gets very high in some special cases by adding limit to the number of splits per path
    • Fixed dark spots when lights are invisible to reflection
    • Fixed occasional crash when rendering shader previews in Corona node material editor
    • [REGRESSION] Fixed light leaks in UHD and 4K caches

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-09-15) (

  • Added:
    • Added support for R25
    • Added polygon mode to UVW Randomizer and Multi Shader
    • Added support for vector displacement
    • Added tail parameter to Physical material
      • Controls the strength of reflection outside of the reflection peak
      • See example images
    • Corona node editor now supports drag&drop from new Cinema 4D Asset Browser
  • Changed:
    • Removed "Per-pixel TEA" random sampler
    • Changed UI for setting render time limit in render settings to resolve problems in various C4D versions

Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Hotfix 1) (

  • Fixed:
    • Fixed conflict with some other renderers caused by usage of the same dependency libraries
    • Fixed problem with Corona Bitmap not working with absolute paths in R14
    • Fixed problem with material library download occasionally not starting when installing on macOS

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-08-16) (

  • Fixed:
    • Fixed conflict with some other renderers caused by usage of the same dependency libraries
    • Fixed problem with Corona Bitmap not working with absolute paths in R14
    • Fixed problem with material library download occasionally not starting when installing on macOS

Note: all changes in this build will be released in a v7 hotfix, so this is more of a hotfix preview than actual v8 daily build.

Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Final Release) (

  • Changed:
    • Level in ColorMix shader is no longer limited to 100%
    • Corona Bitmap now allows additional UVW scaling
    • Scene conversion dialog now allows conversion of all Legacy materials in the scene
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed occasional crash when closing Cinema 4D
    • Fixed renaming of Corona assets (Corona Bitmap, Corona Proxy) in Cinema 4D Asset inspector
    • Fixed reverse order of materials in material library when sorting by overall usage
    • Fixed warning regarding Corona VFB color space being incorrectly shown for first start of Cinema 4D
    • Fixed problem with "-h" and "--help" arguments not working with Corona installer

Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 5) (

  • Fixed:
    • Fixed crash when closing Cinema 4D
    • Fixed problem with caustics from environment not rendering in IR
    • Improved imports of ColorMix shader in material library for several materials
    • Removed unsupported "Hair Textured" material from Material library
    • UHD cache stored in older versions is no longer supported - such legacy UHD cache files will be calculated/updated from scratch; this fixes several problems including crashes when loading such legacy cache files
    • Crop / Placement values inside Corona Bitmap now increment correctly for UV Unit space

Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 4) (

  • Changed:
    • New sky model is now called PRG Clear Sky
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed problem with some materials from material library having incorrectly enabled SSS
    • Updated tooltips to correctly reference percentage instead of 0-1 values
    • Fixed bug with objects with displacement not correctly updating in IR when changing geometry
    • Fixed problem with Volume Grid not rendering with Team Render
    • Fixed resolution of relative paths going outside project folder in Corona Bitmap and Corona Proxy
    • Export of objects into proxy now also creates separate material channels for each different mapping of the same material

Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 3) (

  • Material library:
    • Added 13 new metal materials
    • Added 13 new masonry materials
    • Added 9 new wood materials
      • All new materials are built upon the new physical material
    • Converted existing carpets, ceramic tiles, concrete and flooring materials to the new physical material
      • Note that this might result in a slightly different visual result, however existing scenes based on the previous versions of material library will be unaffected
    • On Mac, Material Library download and installation is now included in Corona for Cinema 4D installer
  • Changed:
    • Bucket rendering disabled for IR, because in some cases it is still too visually distracting
      • Buckets are still enabled in production rendering after 5 passes (and in Team Render from the render start) for better performance. We'll experiment with IR buckets more in v8 to get some better solution.
    • Reintroduced fake horizon blur for the new sky model
      • Default horizon blur is now 0 since the blurring should be controlled by the physically correct altitude parameter
      • As horizon blur wasn't working in previous versions, scenes created in RC1 and RC2 might render slightly differently if it is set to non-zero value
  • Fixed:
    • Increased altitude range of new sky model up to 15000 meters
    • Fixed problem with material converted from Legacy to Physical having base layer mix strength set to 0%
    • Fixed new sky model being black below horizon in orthographic cameras
    • Fixed problem with objects with displacement dissapearing in IR
    • Fixed green/magenta tint in the new improved sky model volumetric effect when computed for short distances (under 200 meters)

Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 2):
Download link:
Alternative download link:

  • Added:
    • Added atmospheric shader
  • Changed:
    • Remapped Improved sky model turbidity, so its default value is now the same as for the other models (2.5)
      • Note that this will unfortunately change a look of scenes created in the recent daily builds
    • Open Image Denoise (Intel AI denoiser) updated to version 1.4.1 - this fixed some crashes when denoising certain resolutions
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed bug with material library previews not updating correctly when size slider is changed using keyboard or mouse wheel
    • Selected category in material library is now preserved when changing filter text
    • Fixed mouse cursor not changing properly in material library (e.g. when howering over License link)
    • Fixed rendering of Corona Bitmap via TeamRender
    • Fixed problem with incorrectly converted alpha mode in Legacy to Physical material conversion
    • Fixed problem with post processing from Corona Camera not being applied when rendering using TeamRender Server
    • Fixed crash in Corona Standalone when stopping and restarting render
    • Fixed crash when using Corona Select material without any material selection in a document
    • Fixed crash when starting "Render takes into Picture Viewer" while render is running in Corona VFB
    • Fixed crash when rendering hair on macOS
    • Fixed problem with Corona Volume Grid's Channel selection reseting after loading document
    • Fixed export of material selections in Corona proxy when selection tag references geometry of different object


in case anybody has still problems with downloading the RC1, here is an alternative link:


Changes in Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 1) (

  • Added:
    • Added possibility to create light material from self-illuminance of Physical material
    • Defaults for Roughness and IOR mode for Physical material can now be configured in preferences
    • Corona proxy now shows mapping of attached materials in separate tab
    • It is now possible to override default material on exported multi-material Corona proxy
    • Creating multi-shader over existing shader now moves original shader the first multi-shader slot
  • Changed:
    • Unified naming of Corona shaders
    • Physical material can now be used for global volume
    • Export to standalone was moved from development/experimental stuff to File->Export
      • Export of Bitmap / Corona bitmap is now also supported
      • Note that this is still considered experimental feature - most of native Cinema 4D shaders won't export correctly
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed problem with material not updating in IR after being converted using conversion in Advanced tab
    • Fixed problem with VFB not being disabled when opening Open/Load/Save dialogs leading to crashes
    • Legacy material is now correctly named in default material selection in preferences
    • Fixed import of reflection of several materials in material library (mostly matte walls, semigloss woods etc)
    • Fixed export of material assignments when exporting Corona proxy by collapsing several objects with different materials
    • Fixed positioning of Corona proxy after exporting child object
    • Fixed problem with context menu in material library on macOS not being closed when clicking outside
    • Fixed crash when rendering on M1 chip under Rosetta and on some older CPUs on macOS
    • Data for improved Sky model is no longer required during application start, instead, error message is shown when data is missing and improved sky model is used in the scene
    • Additional improvements to geometry precision when rendering scenes far from origin

This is our first release candidate. From now on, we'll be focused on bug fixes and improvements till the final release of version 7.

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