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Definitely a must!!!
Also (i don`t know if is a bug or is the way it should be)the ID masks are affected by the exposure setting when i save the .CXR. For example when the exposure is set to -4 the masks are darker, so u have to save the masks separatly, with the exposure set to 0.

Hello guys! I was trying to set up the VFB to show in the history tab the time elapsed for each render, instead of the time it was started. I don`t really need to know at which hour/minute/second I started the render, I would need to know how long it took. This is useful when I'm doing test renders and modify some settings or lights, while having an amount of passes set up.Just like in C4d PV  Maybe it's already possible but I couldn`t find that option. I know I can use the render stamp. I also know you can put it in the title bar, but it's not really the same.


[C4D] General Discussion / Cinema 4d sun tag
« on: 2016-11-30, 17:33:38 »
Is there a way to implement the native cinema 4d sun tag into the corona sun tag, or them to work together? I think it would be really useful to use the hour/date system.
Or it already works, and i`m doing something wrong? When i`m adding the sun tag(c4d) the corona sun goes crazy.

There is a bug (i think ) in the v4 interactive render. I scattered some grass with SurfaceSpread by laubwerk , and in the C4d Picture Viewer everything is ok, but in the interactive viewer there is some extra grass in places where i didn`t intend to scatter. Also there is a HDRI lighting bug.
 This happens on C4d R16+Alpha V4

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