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[C4D] I need help! / Need help with material Volumetrics
« on: 2022-09-07, 15:50:50 »
Hi dudes and girls!

Im trying to create a translucent plastic material that would behave like the real thing (where it is thicker it would be darker and vice versa), any tutorials or tips on how to achieve that?

Thank you!

[C4D] I need help! / Best way to add reflection in windows
« on: 2022-08-30, 12:32:00 »
Hi guys, what are the best ways to add reflection in windows? I tried putting up a plane with reflection material attached (simple background reflection image in diffuse and self illumination slots), turned off seen by camera, seen by GI and cast shadows in Corona Compositing tag that I applied to plane and that plane still casts some shadows.

Maybe there is a better suggestion that you could share?

Thank you!

[C4D] I need help! / Jagged lights
« on: 2020-12-14, 12:52:39 »
Hello everyone, maybe some of you will know how to solve jagged outline around lights? Bloom and glare is not an option. See screenshot attached.

Thank you!

[C4D] I need help! / Laser beam material
« on: 2020-09-08, 10:32:25 »
Hi guys,

I'm working on laser tool product renderings and I need to create laser beams and surfaces for these things, is there any good way to do that, would appreciate if you could share some tips.

One image is what I need to create, second one is how I think it should look.

Thank you!


Adjusting Viewport Preview size past 512 pix makes my whole scene start to lag. I usually have materials with previews of 2000pix or so, Im unable to work at that resolution.

Also, When trying to render by setting C4D native IRR and then rendering only render region that is copied from IRR, after render is stopped cinema freezes and crashes, this bug is present since 5 version.

Thank you!

[C4D] I need help! / Shadow pass comping
« on: 2020-06-30, 12:13:24 »
Hi, I need help with comping in shadow-pass in C4D Corona, tried rendering shadows in multi-pass, but it gives this coloured, darker image. Maybe someone can give me some input!

Thank you!

[C4D] I need help! / Nylon wire shader
« on: 2020-06-15, 15:20:34 »
Trying to create realistic nylon wire shader, but with no luck, see attached screenshots, maybe someone has any clue how to achieve believable results?

Gallery / Attic Cottages
« on: 2019-02-18, 07:53:39 »
Situated in the harsh rugged landscape of Terence Bay, the Attic Cottages are intended to provide a short retreat opportunity, within a half an hour from the city of Halifax. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and many more activities available within the area.
The buildings are formally rooted in the landscape and with the highest level of craft. Their minimalist approach encourages the occupants to forget the junk of consumer living and engage with the present landscape.

Done using Cinema4D, Corona and Affinity Photo.

More images -

Facebook -
Instagram -

Hello guys,

just posted a FREE scene in gallery section, here is the link -

Any questions, just ask me here or on any other platforms!



Gallery / FREE Corona for C4D scene - TODOROKI HOUSE
« on: 2018-10-16, 07:54:31 »
TODOROKI HOUSE / INTERIOR SCENE for Cinema4D & Corona downloadable on

A quick recreation of recent project I found on Archdaily while looking for some references, decided to try and recreate it as fast as I can and eventually share it for free, hopefully it will be useful to some of you.

Package contains ready to render C4D+Corona scene*, .afphoto & .PSD files

If you have any questions or suggestions, just drop me a line here or on any other platforms.



Is it possible to render shadows separately with alpha background?


[C4D] General Discussion / Wireless Waves
« on: 2018-05-02, 14:46:04 »
Guys, any idea how to create something like this in 3D?

[C4D] General Discussion / Creating wireless waves
« on: 2018-04-20, 16:03:55 »
Guys hello,

Does anyone has an idea how to create a wireless waves that could look like on images below? Would greatly appreciate any tips.

[C4D] General Discussion / Proxies
« on: 2017-09-21, 16:42:29 »
Hello there, could please someone explain to me how to use Proxies in Corona B1 daily or point me to some manual or article?

Thank you!

Hello, thank you for RC2, works great!

I have a slight issue with IES light files, in Vray Im able to put IES file directly in 'tex' folder and c4d will read it no matter what (I tend to go back and forth from Mac-Win), in Corona though I need to re-add IES file every time I change the computer since files path is changing as well. Could it be fixed in a near future? I think we all could benefit from it.

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