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Inquiry Regarding Volume Licensing and Administrative Simplification for Corona


We are a small architectural visualization studio currently utilizing Corona as our primary rendering software. As we continue to explore efficiency and optimal resource allocation, we are contemplating whether there might be more streamlined solutions available compared to our current practice.

The process of purchasing, renewing, and managing individual licenses can be quite cumbersome. We are exploring the possibility of acquiring license "packs," for example, a 30-license pack, to simplify the administrative process. Is such an option available?

Additionally, we are interested in knowing if there are any special pricing options or discounts available when procuring a certain number of seats. This would aid us in budgeting and financial planning effectively.

We appreciate your attention to these inquiries and look forward to hearing back from you


Hi Mike!

Best thing to do is send me an email at with your contact email, in the understanding that I'd pass that along to the customer excellence folks who can answer questions on bulk purchases (this would be some one-off if it is even possible, which it might not be just to manage expectations - but that's why the need for a bit of one-on-one to discuss things).

On the question of streamlining purchase/renewal/management of licenses, it's something we (as Chaos overall) are aware of and considering what could be done to simplify that; but that isn't something available just now, sorry to say. Feel free in that email to pass along what you would view as an ideal solution, I can always send that in to the mix on how people would like to see it working.



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