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Hello guys, I am an archviz and I use corona with 3dsmax for my visualizations, I love the engine and there is no engine like it, but I would love to suggest a feature for future updates regarding the light mix when I start to light my scene up, I always use the light mix for their intensity it makes the workflow much faster, but one issue that I have is that I can't use the light mix or the light MTLs to be exact, while I use the viewport interactive render, there is no way that I can use the light mix, I hope you add a window like the one you have added for the tone mapping when you open it in the render setup menu. Thanks

It isnt clear what youre asking for here.
Do you mean you want to be able to add light select render elements during an interactive render?

I think this is about having LightMix controls (adjusting intensities, colors) while running interactive rendering docked in viewport. Do I understand it right?

Hi guys. I do have a few light mix suggestions if that's ok:
1. would be great if we can link a "CShading_LightSelect" element to a layer. Meaning that the render element will read the selected layer (let's say it contains interior lights for example) and populate the list. It's useful for cases when lights are deleted or added from/to that layer, list will update automatically.
2. an option in "CShading_LightSelect" element to select the listed lights in the viewport or a field added in corona lister that would sort lights based on CShading_LightSelect


--- Quote from: gaap on 2022-05-16, 15:48:39 ---Hi guys. I do have a few light mix suggestions if that's ok:

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Please do post all your requests in the new topics. One request per one topic. Thanks.


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