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[C4D] I need help! / Re: Volume light
« on: Yesterday at 20:18:24 »
It's very dependent on scene scale, as different scales will require different Absorption amounts - there's no "one size fits all" so impossible to say which settings to use. Absorption is usually best close to but not quite white.

Most importantly here your Scattering is black - which means the volume won't scatter any light (which is what is happening in a volumetric set up - light is traveling in one direction, hits a dust particle in the air for example, and gets bounced to travel in another direction). With Absorption only and black scattering you are just creating a dark fog that will darken everything without scattering any light.

To make the rays stand out more, it's best to have Single Bounce Only checked, otherwise light may bounce multiple times giving the whole volume a brighter glow (which means the first bounce will stand out less since it will be surrounded by more of a glow).

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Volume light
« on: Yesterday at 19:15:25 »
Lights do not have volumes in Corona - like the real world, it is the media that the light passes through that causes this effect :) So instead it is a Volume Material applied to geometry that represents the atmosphere/air that does it. Our YouTube has tutorials:

Hope that helps!

Sure, and handy to find out about those services in case you need them in future even if they aren't needed this time around. Good luck with the project, whichever approach they decide they want to go with!

Do they mean in realtime VR, or do they mean pre-set viewpoints in VR that you can move to and/or a preset animation? The second can be done more easily since that just requires renders and delivery software - the first will require conversion of the scene into a realtime format. You can tell them the difference in price each will bring with it for work not covered in their initial brief ;)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Renderer for 3ds Max Help
« on: 2021-11-26, 13:54:39 »
Hello Forum !
im sorry for my stupid question , im newbie here, why my corona camera look like not realistic? where is the fault? thank anyone ^^

You'd need to start a new thread dedicated to your own problem, and provide MUCH more information. We'd need to see your render, you'd need to tell us what you think does not look realistic, we'd need to know the scene set up - it won't be the camera btw, it will be lighting, or materials, or details (or lack of), etc. Thanks!

Well... Could you just fix the damn Render To Texture Corona_AO element? It's been more than a year, 2 major releases, and still nothing has changed, you just need to switch 2 colors...
In the meantime we're stuck to version 5.2 to render AO maps... YAY 🥳

Post that in the feedback threads or feature requests please, developers won't necessarily see the request here. Thanks!

It is likely an earlier version of Corona, not the earlier version of Cinema - why not just use the same version of Corona? Which version was the scene created using, and which version are you using to render now?

e.g. there were several NaN fixes in 7,

General CG Discussion / Re: Crazy blinking UI
« on: 2021-11-24, 16:59:01 »
Definitely looks non-Corona, and probably GPU. Check things like processes, see what is using up CPU, GPU, and RAM, could be you have something running on your system that is unwanted. Could also be the GPU is failing or some other hardware issue. Could be rolling back video drivers to an earlier version will help.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Iridescent/Metallic glass shader
« on: 2021-11-24, 14:18:23 »
My experiments back during the dailies of 7 when I wanted to know how this kind of look would be handled with the new Phys Mat suggests using the Absorption in the Clearcoat (basically, an extra coating of some sort of oil-like material on top of the base glass). Just remember that the clear coat colors everything beneath it, so don't make the colors too strong (else it will start to look like colored glass :) ).

I thought this was shown somewhere but I can't find it, so here's the scene re-opened and screengrabbed, I think with some playing it would give the desired kind of effect.

News / Planned Forum Maintenance, Nov 23rd 2021
« on: 2021-11-22, 17:16:34 »
A heads up - there will be some planned maintenance on the Corona Forum tomorrow (Tuesday Nov. 23rd). This will begin at 7am CET (Prague time) and should only take 30 minutes. After completion, there should be no visible changes, and no changes to functionality. Thanks for your patience!

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Material Library / Management
« on: 2021-11-22, 16:20:41 »
There are no Corona Portals any more, they are no longer required due to the Adaptive Sampler that was introduced in Corona 6. See the release blog at

When will you give us another DB with a new tone mapping?

As soon as it is ready :) Can't project or estimate dates of features in dailies beyond that - you'll know the date, once it shows in the changelog ;)

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Using the new ''Decals'' feature
« on: 2021-11-21, 18:00:08 »
Correct, it's not in C4D yet - you can check what is in C4D dailies to date in the changelog

Max and C4D handle lots of things about materials differently, e.g. UV mapping, material stacking, etc., so it's one of those things that is not a straight "just stick the code in the other version and tada!" ;) So once we got it working in the core, there is still a lot of (careful) work that needs doing to get it working in C4D.

The release blog always lists all new features, and all bug fixes:

PS if you want to see what fixes are coming in 8, you can watch the daily builds thread for the next version; for 8 this is (but note that some fixes there are regression fixes, i.e. fixing bugs we accidentally introduced while working on 8, so those are fixes for things not actually present in 7 ;) The blog distils that out, once released)

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