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If Corona bitmap parameters are linked with controllers and you want to adjust bitmap cropping, it eventually ends with 3ds max crashing. 3ds max 2016, Corona V8 Dec 6 build.

[Max] Feature Requests / CDecals in Corona Material Library
« on: 2021-10-24, 10:30:29 »
If and when the users will have an option to store their materials in CML, i think it would be nice if it would be possible to store Corona custom decal objects as well.

Of course if Corona would ship with some premade decals, that would be great too!

When you type material name in search by name field in material/map browser, CoronaPhysical material does not appear in the list.

I would like to have hemisphere or dome shape for Corona light. It would be perfect for lighting fixtures like in attached picture.

I think it would be nice to have option to include orexclude certain objects from Corona camera clipping.

Usage example - sometimes it's hard to orient camera and its clipping planes in a way that obstructing walls would be clipped and at the same time nearby furniture wouldn't be cut in half. Include/exclude list could help to solve that.

Please make Corona multimap's frequency accessible through additional parameters, so it would be possible to wire them with controllers.

Edit: added screenshot for clarification.

I think it would be more useful if text in map slots of Corona multimap would be aligned to the left instead of to the right. Map name is more important information than its type (asuming that one is properly naming his/her maps).

[Max] Bug Reporting / Corona scatter issue in curve editor
« on: 2021-02-12, 12:09:58 »
Corona scatter's attribute names are gibberish in curve editor. It seems that only certain 3ds max versions are affected, since other user reported that in max 2021 it's fine. I'm on max 2016 and i can't read a thing.

I like very much how multi/sub-object material lets you rename its mat slots. I'm missing this feature in Corona often. Could we have it?

My 3ds max suddenly started to save scenes excessively slow. 100MB scene takes about half a minute to save. This issue is global and not with one specific scene. I tried to run max cleaner script, but those tools usually helps with scene specific issues. I've checked if maybe file compression on save, accidentally got activated, but that's not the case.

If someone has some advice where to look for the issue, i would be very grateful - those saving times are killing me.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Corona converter - portals error
« on: 2020-04-26, 11:07:05 »
Corona 6 Apr 16
Converter v1.43

Converter shows an error when trying to convert old Mental Ray scene with mrSkyPortals.

Code: [Select]
Error occured in mr_Sky_Portal : $mr_Sky_Portal:mr Sky Portal01 @ [399.122101,-69.382713,188.480972]
-- Runtime error: Not creatable: CoronaPortalMtl

Maybe instead of error it should display warning that portals has been deprecated in Corona 6 and add them to named selection set for user convenience?

P.S. converter asks to report error in old forum topic, which is locked now:

[Max] Feature Requests / Simple CoronaProxy UI improvement
« on: 2020-03-31, 11:12:02 »
Can you show proxy's name in its stats window please? The same as it is done in CoronaBitmap. There is plenty of empty space in that window and it would be nice if proxy's name would be more easily accessible than it is now.

Please add an option to rotate about UV coordinates center in Corona uvw randomizer. That would greatly enhance this map. An example how it could be done, can be seen in 3ds max's uvw xform modifier. Below is attachment that clearly demonstrates benefits of rotation about center instead of 0, 0 like it is now in Corona uvw randomizer.

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