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this is great news! running in an elevated console is something I can work with.


I had a computer do the solitaire thing again and I have uploaded a minidump called 1517791431_drserver-wxwidgets-error.dmp

We are not able to update to 1.7 at this time so I cannot test it. It is always difficult to find a suitable time to upgrade as there are always projects with tight deadlines that we do not want to disrupt. Our general policy is not to update any software until at least a few patch releases and that the benefits are worth the effort to switch.

Regardless, jkacza seems to be experiencing the same issue in 1.7.2.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: DR improvements
« on: 2018-01-24, 01:53:29 »
having same issue as OP where dr jobs dont actually start and restarting drserver seems to fix it.

A 'restart dr on render end' feature would probably help. i used to have a postrender script that killed the max process on the dr nodes but something changed from 1.5 to 1.6 with the drserver so that method doesnt work anymore. It just kills the process constantly.

please see attached image

So lately this wxwidgets error has been popping up when running drserver but this is the first time I have been able to get a clear screen grab of the error window as it is usually covered in unhandled exception windows.

For some mild entertainment:
You may notice up/down arrows on the bottom right near the system tray.
This is a partial screenshot of an ultrawide monitor and I had to press the down arrow 5 times to get to the bottom row of icons from all the error messages.
I found this amusing.

Anyway, the error seems to appear at random and is not isolated to any specific machine. Hopefully there is just a try/catch missing somewhere.

3dsmax 2015, Corona 1.6.3

From memory Corona VFB reported around 33 million or so.
Just to be clear, the scene renders correctly, it was just much slower than most scenes at which point I noticed that number.
As per my original post, I am not surprised if it is just a display issue on the built in render dialog (or clamped to MAX_INT as suggested by Ondra)

no worries then.

@romullus lolwut

not sure if this is an issue. as per attached image, I just noticed this number Rendering dialog and it seems highly unlikely that my scene has exactly that many faces.

I presume this is just a legacy autodesk display issue and not affecting corona in any way???
Only reason i was even looking was that scene is particularly slow to render.

(max 2015)

any news on this? is it available with the 1.7 installer?

News / Re: Corona Renderer 1.7 for 3ds Max released!
« on: 2017-10-26, 04:20:35 »
can we silent install by command line yet or do we still have to extract the files, try to work out what goes where and create a batch script to do it?

also, if there's no silent install, how do we install the material library via command line?

just created a ticket #6652

FYI, just tried 1.6.1 and can it is still broken

Currently, the corona installer allows you to extract all files that would be installed so that you can create your own batch script for installation.

This is quite annoying as I need to basically install via GUI on one machine and then make sure my batch file mirrors the behavior of the installer with each new release.
I've only been using corona for the last few versions but each one has had something new / different

Ideally, the installer could be called from the command line passing /silent or something and just do the "typical" install as per GUI, and uninstall old versions as needed.


pretty much what the title says. I am able to get many statistics through this function but the noise level is missing.

For my use case:
We typically use noise limit of 4% and pass limit of 300 when sending renders to the farm.
I have a maxscript callback that collects statistics on postRender for all jobs sent to the farm so we can see how many passes etc and work out why renders are hitting the pass limit rather than the noise threshold.
It would be good to also see what noise level was reached when the pass limit is hit.


Just installed 1.6 on 2 machines to make sure everything is working before rolling out to production.

So obviously, I am running max on 1 machine and drserver on the other.
On the master machine, everything renders fine.
The dr machine does this:
1. under the 'Master' section in drserver it displays "status: rendering"
2. max tries to start up
3. max crashes without any error report or anything
4: under the 'Master' section in drserver it displays "status: not running"
5: Repeat forever

I have tried using both machines as master and slave. It did not make a difference.

DrLog.txt is attached. Please let me know if you need more info.

the problem:
pretty straight forward bug. I am not using lightmix, just the light select render element.
if I add 1 light select render element and add a light to it, all lighting from the scene shows up in the pass, not just the selected light.

workaround for now:
the last light select element you add will always have this problem so add an additional empty light select element.

please fix for 1.6

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