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[Max] General Discussion / Re: CPU, RAM & HDD Relationship
« on: 2022-04-04, 09:09:17 »
The number of instances should not really matter for memory usage.

Think of instances like shortcuts in Windows:
- the heavy geometry itself is like a 100 GB file somewhere on your hard drive.
- the instances are then just shortcuts to this file that you have on your desktop.
- even if you have 30 shortcuts to this file on your desktop, the space actually used is still just the same 100 GB (+ few more KB for the shortcuts themselves).

Of course the number of instances still matters for the rendering performance itself and if the number of instances is extremely high (millions), then their memory usage impact stops being negligible.

Unproxying assets may actually hurt in your case. Normally there are two copies of any geometry in memory - 3ds Max stores its own copy and then Corona needs a copy of its own - this is needed for multiple reasons which are not really important now. However when you use proxy with any other display mode than "full mesh", in that case you can completely eliminate the 3ds Max copy of the geometry and therefore save some memory. So if you have any other heavy geometry in the scene which is not yet using proxies, then converting this to proxy may help (as well as making sure that the existing proxies are not using "full mesh" display mode).

[Max] General Discussion / Re: CPU, RAM & HDD Relationship
« on: 2022-03-31, 10:37:45 »
Hi, unless you're running something else that accesses your SSD a lot, the very high SSD utilization in the task manager suggests that you're running out of RAM and the system is swapping, so the CPU is spending a lot of time waiting for the data to be loaded from SSD back to RAM.

It can be a bit misleading that the task manager shows memory usage as 57/64, suggesting that there is still ~7 GB of free RAM, because "how much memory is used/free?" isn't actually a trivial question. For more general info about RAM, please see our RAM FAQ.


Chaos Scatter
  • Added 5 scatter presets into Chaos Cosmos platform (into 3D Models > Presets, or search for 'scatter'), 2 for spline scattering and 3 for surface scattering.
    • Can be drag & dropped on target (distribute-on) object or into an empty space (target object gets created then) in the scene.
    • Can be also imported with the Import button, when having the target object selected in the scene.
    • Must be downloaded first, like other assets in the Chaos Cosmos browser.
  • Added camera clipping (optimization) feature supporting various camera types (native, Corona, V-Ray, perspective, orthogonal, fisheye) and also viewport views.
    • Provides 2 modes - Active render camera and Selected camera.
    • In our real-world test scenes, Camera clipping on average lowered parsing time by 25% and reduced Corona memory usage by 17%. Renders cleared faster for the same amount of passes.
  • Added instance editing feature - individual instances can be moved, rotated, scaled, or deleted using a sub-object mode. There is new button for that in Scatter UI too. Should be used for final scatter touches.
  • Removed blank parameters from Track View. Can break backward compatibility.
Corona Converter
  • LegacyMtl->PhysicalMtl conversion is now optional
  • It is now possible to force all converted materials to be either metal or non-metal, instead of relying on the autodetection.
Material library
  • Added 13 new Glass materials
  • Added 33 new Nature materials
  • Added 9 new Plastics materials
  • Toolbar will now reset to an official state once in a while when we make any changes to it. The previous system where we tried to keep the custom user changes by merging them with the official changes unfortunately never worked properly and cost too much to maintain and constantly bugfix, for the little benefit that it actually brought.
  • Added decal icon.
  • Added Cosmos browser icon.
Licensing improvements
  • Implemented trial license activation
  • When no active license is found, we now replace the Corona controls in render settings with a “no license” info text, instead of just hiding them without explanation.
  • Fixed issue where switching tabs in render settings without an active license may take a few seconds.
  • Added more info to the messages in the licensing dialog which pops up on any licensing problem.
Miscellaneous Improvements
  • Added viewport display for triplanar map in both Standard viewport mode (first submap is displayed) and "High Quality" (accurate preview of the shader is used). Unfortunately the "High Quality" mode currently does not work with Corona materials, only standard Autodesk ones. We will fix this in future release
  • Replaced the old Corona color picker with the new one everywhere (e.g. light lister, light mix, etc.)
  • Added saturation randomization to MultiMap
  • Max Improved error message: "unknown/internal error"
  • Make undo / redo work when importing assets from Chaos Cosmos.
  • Fixed crash when comparing two VFB history images with “Show with original postprocessing” enabled
  • Fixed Advanced Filmic tonemapping operator changing the color even when it is disabled
  • Fixed crash in tonemapping when an operator is dragged below the + button
  • [ColorPicker] Fixed issue where a new color is set to different color slot, when opening another color picker
  • Fixed anisotropy values being set incorrectly on materials imported from Cosmos
  • Fixed issue where rendering material editor while running IR caused licensing problems, and the IR to stop rendering.
  • Fixed NaNs being produced in some very specific cases.
  • Fixed crash when clicking middle/right mouse button while dragging tone mapping operators
  • Fixed IR being restarted when modifying CoronaCamera tonemapping pipeline
  • Fixed tonemapping parameters being reset to their default values when ENTER is pressed while entering the value, when the pipeline was reset previously
  • Fixed randomization of 2-Sided Materials imported from Chaos Cosmos
  • BitmapTex - Fixed crash when adjusting crop parameters linked to linear float controllers
  • Fixed issue where cosmos browser randomly opens up in loaded scenes

Hi guys, FYI, next build of Corona will introduce these 2 new options to the converter:
- Option to disable conversion of LegacyMtl to PhysicalMtl (any other materials will still be converted directly into PhysicalMtl though)
- Option to disable metalness autodetection and instead force the conversion to either metal or non-metal


Added configurable tone mapping pipeline
  • The tonemapping pipeline is no longer fixed and is composed of multiple independent operators which can be added/removed/reordered in the VFB UI. Any operator can be added multiple times if needed/wanted (e.g. to apply multiple LUTs at the same time, or to save 3 LUTS in one set up to easily turn them on and off for different looks).
  • The default pipeline in new scenes now contains only the most essential operators.
  • Note that the operators are applied from top to bottom, the topmost operator is the first one to be applied to produce the tonemapped image.
  • Added 3 new operators:
    • Advanced Filmic operator - Similar to the legacy Filmic operator, but with more parameters for greated flexibility.
    • Tone curve operator - enhances or suppresses colors based on their intensity (e.g. enhance shadows).
    • ACES RRT (Reference Rendering Transform) operator - suppresses red colors and modifies glow and saturation to make the image a bit more film-like. The RRT operation is normally fixed in the ACES specification, but we have made it configurable for greater flexibility.
  • There are also few presets to show how the tonemapping pipeline can be used to get some interesting results. Few examples of these are attached.
  • Camera overrides are now replaced by the possibility for the camera to have a completely separate tonemapping pipeline. When rendering from a camera that has its own pipeline, the controls in the VFB can be used to modify the camera tonemapping pipeline (previously camera-overriden parts of the tonemapping were just locked-out in VFB).
  • This change makes the tonemapping much more flexible for you as the users as well as internally for us as programmers. This will allow us to easily add more different operators in future releases. Some functionality like bloom & glare or blurring/sharpening remains fixed for now, but will also be moved into the configurable pipeline as additional operators in the future.
  • In legacy tonemapping when the tonemapping was disabled, the exposure was still applied. In the new tonemapping pipeline, the exposure operator is not special in any way, so if the tonemapping is disabled, the exposure will not be applied.

Other changes
  • Added new buttons to the render settings that open license server, my chaos webpage and external utility for setting alternate licensing server addresses and ports.
  • Fixed Corona viewport display filters. There are now both Corona and Non-Corona filters (Command panel -> Display -> Hide by Category)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona 1.3 Benchmark
« on: 2022-02-15, 08:53:16 »
Probably the best test would be to buy a month of software and try.

You don't need to buy Corona for this. We offer a 45-day demo license. All you need to do is just to download the installer from web, install Corona and then when you try to use Corona in 3ds Max, you'll be prompted to activate your license where you'll be given the choice to activate the demo.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Chaos Licensing Feedback/Help
« on: 2022-02-14, 15:28:22 »
Maybe some simple UI option to set the license server in Corona itself (which would modify/create the client config file) could be done for the final v8, despite the fact that you just can copy around the config file to all nodes easily.

Already implemented. Next daily build will have a button in "About" rollout of render settings to edit this configuration in GUI.

Also adding a map to the material lead to app error.

Seems like if you create a map and then connect to the material - all fine (but can't say for sure)

But if you drag from material and then select any map in the menu - crash.

In the example - I started IR, created and applied material, then dragged base color and selected CoronaAO.

This one should be already fixed for the next daily build :)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: 4K Cache questions
« on: 2022-01-14, 07:52:41 »
This thing

The 4K cache uses only partial caching, so does not try to interpolate everything. While this is slower than a fully cached solution (such as irradiance caching), it does not create artifacts, only noise that eventually goes away.

is also true for the UHD cache, so no difference there.

Apart from occasional bugs already mentioned, there is also performance difference. UHD tends to be faster than 4K on low core count CPUs (e.g. 4-core i7s), while 4K cache tends to be faster than UHD on higher count CPUs (e.g. 16-core threadrippers).

[Max] General Discussion / Re: DR Server low memory usage
« on: 2021-12-16, 10:28:40 »
Hi, the DR server uses only memory needed for the current scene to be rendered by 3ds Max + Corona. There's no advantage in using more RAM. Is there some reason to expect that the reported memory usage is lower than it actually should be?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona 1.3 Benchmark
« on: 2021-11-04, 09:31:47 »
Well, it's kinda hard to judge anything from that comment without knowing what the expected and the actual measured results are :)

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Re: Improved Corona Scatter
« on: 2021-09-30, 09:07:15 »
Hi, we would like to look into the Forest pack issues during v8 development, however at this point unfortunately I can't really promise how much we'll be able to fix.

And yes, we're also planning some improvements for the scatter in v8. Is there some specific feature that you would find useful in corona scatter?

Hi, FYI, the v7 final has already been released + we release v7 hotfix 1 over a month ago. I definitely suggest using v7 hotfix 1 over v7 RCs. The RCs are pre-release development builds, which are not recommended for use in production.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: wrong ram used information
« on: 2021-09-15, 09:06:07 »
Hi, this is actually kinda both correct and wrong at the same time :) When we talk about used or available memory, it's never entirely correct to deal with just one number.

The values shown in the DR server as X/Y mean:
X - commit size - how much memory did all the running applications request from the operating system (you can see this number as the valluée in your task manager screenshot)
Y - how much installed physical RAM you have (you can see this number in the upper right corner of your task manager)

The commit size is usually higher than the actual memory usage, because an application can request memory and not use it. Also on the other hand due to swap files, the system can actually provide more memory to the applications that what is the actual installed RAM size.

See our RAM FAQ for more details.

However I agree that for this reporting in the DR server UI, it would probably make more sense to display the actual memory used by the applications and not just how much memory was requested.

I need to batch convert a few thousand of assets.
When I run corona converter, there is no script output.
How can I use the corona converter to do the work for me? It's an insane amount of work for handwork.

I think it wouldn't really be a problem to modify the script so that it's easier to use from some scripting environment instead of the GUI. Could you please describe your requirements in more detail? What exactly do you need the script to output?

Is the corona converter open-source/on git somewhere? How can I access it & configure & run it?


Ok as far as I can tell original author released source, but since Corona picked it up is no longer open source?! Why, ffs. Why is it not open so people can use it on bigger projects ?!

Ok found it, glad its public and not private bs! YAy! off to batch my scenes >.> tia!

The converter script is still open source. Although it's a bit hidden in v7. You can find it in C:\Program Files\Corona\Corona Renderer for 3ds Max\YYYY\Scripts (you can also get this scripts path by using the getScriptsDirectory maxscript function).

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