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2022-01-22, 17:03:56


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For months I've been drawing this tower and waiting for the perfect moment to represent it in a place, it was where on a trip to Buenos Aires I got to know the neighborhood of Palermo. The perfect place! I got photos from incredible angles and put all this history together creating this personal campaign.
        A story by me, where I can show an idea with my photography, design, and skills. Look around and see how the neighborhood shows you different angles, enjoy the moments, that's the magic of Palermo.
       This campaign is part of lessons learned from street photography where I feel the street, the chaos, and people living their daily lives

Tools - Canon T3i / lens 18-55 and 76mm
         - 3ds max / Corona rederere / Photoshop

About me -

Full project -

2022-01-23, 12:56:28
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Nice set. Well done

I had the privilege of living in Palermo in a past life. Good place, good times. Lots of Quilmes :)
Nicolas Pratt
Another Angle 3D