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Hi everyone,

long time from last post :- ) I need to pick up the tempo.
Here is smaller project from before Summer, I think I've done it during June, it's set of beautiful Lights from Quebecois company Larose Guyon, a fantastic client of mine that gave me absolute freedom to do whatever. That's bit unnerving as you becomes your own worst critic, and as it's a commercial project, you still need to call it "done" at some point, just now you decide when that is.

I wanted to try something different. We do plenty of different in our tiny studio (from office chairs, to latest Penthouses by Zaha Hadid in Monaco), but it's usually bright and airy :- ). And I wanted to do slightly dirty, earthy and dark. Let a play of light (both natural and from the Lamps) become prominent. The room choice and basic layout was chosen by client and I've worked with that.

I gave it a bit of trendy Wabi Sabi vibe, sorry not sorry, you can't escape trends :- ). It was fun.

I reserve one more post below for short tutorial on the bed, I am very proud of that. It's scanned mesh from few years ago, but with additional scanned textures and scanned BRDF (ChaosScans), plenty of scattering of fibers, etc.. just so much stuff to add up to the final look.

More images ( this page will load very slowly, even after I saved smaller 3K/Jpeg9 quality here) here:

Please follow new Instagram here: It will really mean a lot to me, and I am already preparing some very cool free models for Christmas (our beds!) to be posted there. So really, please click follow and let's engage, you know you can always count of asking me stuff and me answering. Cheers!

Reserved for short tutorial. Yeah Veronika and Kristina spent lot more time modelling the lamps but bed is bed :- )

wow! Stunning

Glad that you are posting again Jurad. Your works are absolutely stunning hopefully you don't abadon us again 👀


--- Quote from: ONO on 2023-11-29, 23:02:53 ---Glad that you are posting again Jurad. Your works are absolutely stunning hopefully you don't abadon us again 👀

--- End quote ---

Thank you, very kind of you :- ) No abandoning again, I am in good mental health shape I think and posting work is ever more important now (volatile markets, AI and all..).
Actually I need to post my work before it even stands a chance against the AI onslaught :- ) Afterwards, gonna look like MentalRay renders from 90s in comparison.

(..slightly serious, about 70perc.).


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