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is it possible to make this but with coronatiles?


Just a suggestion: since Academy material is only available to active subscribers, maybe it's worth to dress the sample scenes with Cosmos models and materials and make them available  to download in exact form as it's shown in the training videos? Currently i don't see much difference between Corona Academy and free for all content on Corona YT channel.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona 11 Trojan
« on: Yesterday at 14:51:04 »
Almost certainly false positive. Virus total finds nothing.

Plexiglass preset has non white colour in 3 places - base, volumetric absorption and clearcoat absorption. The latter has minuscule effect on material's appearance.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Tiles playground
« on: 2023-11-28, 20:17:35 »
Yes, I just wanted to point out, that you can get something similiar like using your combined gradient ramp approach by using the CoronaTile map itself more easily. Still it suffers from the corner edges (as blended gradient ramp in box mode does) but it is not distorted by scaling. And the maps have to be wired to be able to change one and get the proper gradient automatically - not convenient but works.

Ah, i see. I guess i'm too spoiled by convenience of multiple inputs, the idea to use several separate tile maps didn't even cross my mind. Thanks!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Tiles playground
« on: 2023-11-28, 15:48:50 »
You could use the same tiles map with b/w setting and gap blur - looks similar to gradient ramp but stays absolute in distance. Maybe piped through any curve operator (output map / CoronaColorCorrect etc.) to further shape the gradient. Yes, a map able to create absolute borders in a tile would be great. Afaik not "even" BerconTiles/Maps are able to do something similar.

The idea is to have constant width gradient independent from gap bump/displacement.

Additionally, the output is ugly like gradient ramp currently :) But maybe there is another solution.

I think this could be easily fixed by the devs, maybe they need just a little bit of convincing, i mean, it's possible replicate this ugly spike with two gradient ramp maps, but it's also possible to have nice corner with the same maps, just by changing their blending mode.

Corona picker was broken due to some code changes in 3ds Max 2024.2 update. It is fixed in Corona 11 now:

Agree, this and converter scripts from/to physical material deserves nice high resolution icons and place next to official Corona scripts. Thank you very much James!! Your scripts are incredible time savers.

In Corona 11 decals now can have real-world mapping enabled, so texture stretching is not an issue anymore. Assuming that your leakage texture is tiling horizontally, you can adjust decal's length as much as you want and the texture won't stretch, but instead will be tiled nicely. Decals can be problematic on highly curved surfaces, but on flat walls they work perfectly.


Why do you think Corona decals are clunky? Now when they got support of real-wold mapping, i think it could be one of the better options for this kind of job. Alternatively you could use your mentioned Corona distance, or Corona AO with z offset. Even old fashioned way through mapping with multiple channels is still workable solution.

Gallery / Re: Gare Multimodale Blanquefort
« on: 2023-11-23, 09:53:17 »
I can't quite get what is the secret behind these images, when i zoom in, i see nothing particular special about materials, or models, but when zoom out, there's something in them that makes them feel very photorealistic. I would love to know if there's something special about the lighting or post processing, that gives that feeling.

Blur vs blur offset in 3ds Max:

Corona bitmap does not have blur offset, which is what you want to use if you want to have consistent blurring across the image. As i said before, for displacement you want to use blur offset, or better yet just blur the texture in image editing software, you will get much better result that way.

Corona bitmap does not have blurring in that sense like it is in photoshop. If you need to blur the map independent on its distance from camera, you must use native bitmap with its blur offset.

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