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[Max] Bug Reporting / Scene Color Selector Bug
« on: 2023-08-25, 10:02:52 »

I've had some problems setting colours in my materials lately. Not sure when the problem started occurring.

Basically, when I try to adjust the colour in a material, it kind of locks in place or will adjust the hue as I'm changing the saturation.
As an example if I try to increase the saturation the hue will change from red to more orange as I go higher.

I've tried switching between Scene and Display Referred thinking it might have something to do with it, but doesn't make a difference.

Corona 10, 3Ds Max 2024

[Max] I need help! / CoronaPattern path / color variation
« on: 2023-06-28, 16:05:09 »

I am trying to find a way to create a brick pavement using CoronaPattern, but I'm finding myself stuck. Have managed to make the pattern with some basic color and texture variation (using CoronaMix and Randomizer), but I'm struggling to find a way to create a distinct color pattern on top of that. The pavement is suppoosed to have a defined path using only colors, while the tiles themselves stay the same shape, etc. It's kind of hard to explain, but have attached an image of what I'm thinking of.

Does anyone have a method for making something like this? I know I could use decals or a distance map, but I don't think I'll be able to line up the colors with the tiles that way.

[Max] I need help! / System is running low on RAM
« on: 2022-12-19, 15:57:43 »

I'm trying to render a scene that I have worked on previously, that was pretty slow but rendered with no problems.

All of a sudden today I am getting this error - I have a lot of scatter objects and such, but disabling them isn't helping.
128GB RAM should be more than enough, anyone have any idea what's going on?

In task manager, Memory at 99% or 100%.

===== Warning(33) =====
System is running low on RAM. You may experience excessive parsing times and/or crashes. You will probably have to simplify the scene.

124.6 GB of virtualized* RAM used by Corona + 3ds Max
134.9 GB of virtualized* RAM used by all running applications
127.8 GB of physical RAM installed on system
149.9 GB of virtualized* RAM provided by OS

* virtualized RAM means physical RAM + swap file on HDD/SSD

Corona RAM usage breakdown:
81 MB used by render elements
14.7 GB used by geometry
 The heaviest (estimated) objects are:
    crp_PerennialRyegrass_dead00: 715.6 MB
    crp_PerennialRyegrass_dead006: 713.6 MB
    crp_PerennialRyegrass_dead007: 712.3 MB
    crp_Evermotion_birch_01: 457 MB
    crp_MT_PM_V56_Acer_platanoides_crimson_king_01_007: 399.5 MB
10.1 GB used by textures (CoronaBitmap only)
Loaded mip maps size: 10.1 GB out of 10.1 GB (100.00%)

The heaviest textures are:
[Name] [Resolution] [Loaded/Total size] [Loaded/Total mip map levels]
6d1e5592_Leaf_Nrm_3dh_raw.tx 8192x8192 256 MB/256 MB 14/14
60390a8f_Leaf_Nrm_3dh_raw.tx 8192x8192 256 MB/256 MB 14/14
vlzkba1fw_8K_Normal.jpg 8192x8192 256 MB/256 MB 14/14
vlzkba1fw_8K_Albedo.jpg 8192x8192 256 MB/256 MB 14/14
ecfa8318_Leaf_Diff_3dh_srgb.tx 8192x8192 256 MB/256 MB 14/14

Additional texture statistics were dumped in this file:

I'm working on a project where I need to scatter a lot of different trees, where pine trees on the top of hills gradually blend with deciduous trees further down. Currently looking at having to create individual splines for these two types / groups of trees, and manually adjusting to blend them together - in order to get them transitioning in a natural way.

It's probably going to work just fine, but I was thinking that this process would be a lot faster if we were able to set the frequency of objects on a surface based on their Z value. I don't know how this would be implemented or how hard it would be, do you have something like this planned in the future?

In my specific case, it looks like there is close to a frequency of 1,0 for pine trees on the top of hills, then closer to 0,05/0,1 at the lowest level (where you have mostly deciduous trees). Of course if you were able to clump certain types together this would help as well (I know this is already being worked on).

Please advise if this is already possible and I missed something :D Really enjoying the functionality and ease of use of the scattering tool by the way, great work on it!

[Max] Resolved Bugs / [solved] Nvidia denoiser bug
« on: 2022-06-17, 11:07:19 »

I have been getting a bug with Nvidia ai denoiser for a while. Happened in Max 2022 / Corona 7, and with Max 2023 / Corona 8.

Does not happen every time I render, and with just some scenes. It disappears if I turn off deniosing in VFB, and does not happen with any other denoiser.

Does not happen using interactive rendering.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Chaos Scatter asks for license
« on: 2022-04-27, 15:36:32 »

I'm am using Corona 8 with 3Ds Max 2023, and when placing a Chaos Scatter in my scene it says "license required" on each tab where it should say "objects", "scattering" etc.

What can I do to fix this?

I remember testing it in a different scene earlier, so it has worked previously.


EDIT - I was too quick to post here, I simply had to press "activate license" at the bottom for some reason. :)


After the release of version 6, I thought I would install Corona on my private computer to test it out (have been using v5 for a few months at work).

As far as I understand, it should be possible to install Corona on more than one computer - but I am getting this error: "Activation limit was reached for this account"

I did a search on the forum and stumbled upon this:
In the end it turned out that there was a small misunderstanding regarding the email addresses used by the person activating Corona and provided by the one who was performing the purchase. The case was smoothly solved over our support portal and email.
If anyone ever experiences similar problems - please keep in mind that the email address typed in the order form when purchasing Corona is later used for confirmation emails and for activation.

This might be why I'm having issues, as I was not the one making the purchase or got the confirmation email at the time of purchase. :/

[Max] I need help! / Corona 45-day trial
« on: 2020-01-09, 10:14:05 »

I'm working on getting a subscription license for work, but on the 16.12.19 I downloaded the 45-day trial of Corona 5, thinking I would finish a project before the license ran out.
On 02.01.20 I noticed it had already expired. Is there a reason for this, or is it possible to get the license extended to cover the 45 days? :)

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