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[Max] Bug Reporting / Corona Lister Crash
« on: 2023-11-15, 01:09:09 »
Hi guys!

I get an application crash (3ds Max 2023) with a specific scene every time I hit the Corona Lister icon.
If I reset Max, and do the same operation, everything works fine.

I use the corona-11-3dsmax-daily-2023-11-10 Daily Build.


Dionysios -

Hi guys,

I am sorry for this post but I am doing some lighting tests lately to find another artistic mood and in my mind I want to be Physically corrected and use the tools we have now available in the engine without cheating too much on the lighting parameters, colors, ecc.

Unfortunately, I've noticed that the Corona Daylight system is not very consistent on the lighting simulation of some specific timings during the day.
For the architecture photography, sometimes is good to take photos near 8:30 - 9-30 in the morning or later in the afternoon (I am not talking about the golden hour).
I took some samples photos here in Paris with my mobile phone, a Samsung S20+ and I'am trying to replicate the beautiful and warm lighting in the engine.

I attached the file "Real_Photos_Paris.jpg" to take a look. The light is warm, guite orange and the skylight has a beautiful and different color contrast from the sun.

Well, doing the same in Corona doesn't produce at all the same lighting effect, the light seems too bright and too white. I've played with all the available parameters: White Balance, Color Tint, the Skylight parameters in general and have no luck! I've also noticed that the White Balance doesn't separate beautifuly the sun color from the skylight color as in reality happens when we take a photograph. The skylight is less blue, the sunlight is less yellow/orange, I am refering on timing at 8:30 - 9:30 in the morning.

The only way to acheive a similar result is to cheat the engine and the technique in general! Use an HDRI bitmap as skylight, make it very blue (Kelvin setting) and bring the Sunlight to 3.000K and get the result!!! Yes, 3000K! But this is cheating right? But the effect is quite good! See attached image: HDRI_Sun_Test.jpg.

So to conclude, now that we have our lovely clouds and our Daylight system, are we sure the combination of the two elements, Sun & Sky is correct? Is it Physically and Chromatically correct?

I don't want to use the HDRI + Warm Sun technique too much, HDRIs are beautiful but I've found sometimes their limitations.

What do you think? I ask too much?

Thanks in advance,

Dionysios -

Hi guys,

I've noticed today that 3ds Max + CIE standalone they both crash when I select the ToneMapping preset "Old Photo" in CIE.

Can you confirm this?


Dionysios -

Hi guys,

I am on the official 9 build HF1 and I've noticed lately some weird results when I use the Nvidia Denoiser.
The denoiser produces very evident artifacts on each produced image and I am wondering if you guys have noticed the same thing.

I am attaching some crop examples, without denoise and with denoise.

Let me know what you think.


Dionysios -

Hi guys,

the CIE crash is back and this time with the latest daily: corona-10-3dsmax-daily-2022-11-25.
Opening CXR files made with the 9th version in the corona-10-3dsmax-daily-2022-11-25, produces crashes on CIE:

An exception 0xc0000005 occurred at 0x00007ff98a31f742.
Access violation while trying to read from 0xffffffffffffffff.

Thread: 33504 (_CORONA_Pipeline_LoadOperator)
Stack trace:
    [0x00007ff98a31f742] ShadingLib_Release.dll: Legion::ToneCurve::unmap (+0x252)
    [0x00007ff6341bea95] CoronaImage.exe (+0x4ea95)
    [0x00007ff6341bdf62] CoronaImage.exe (+0x4df62)
    [0x00007ff6341b3e3f] CoronaImage.exe (+0x43e3f)
    [0x00007ff98a4daaf5] LegionLib_Release.dll: Legion::StandbyThread::isRunning (+0x125)
    [0x00007ff98a4d8675] LegionLib_Release.dll: Legion::Thread::detach (+0xb5)
    [0x00007ff98a4d8129] LegionLib_Release.dll: Legion::yield (+0x19)
    [0x00007ff9a0ef74b4] KERNEL32.DLL: BaseThreadInitThunk (+0x14)
    [0x00007ff9a1ea26a1] ntdll.dll: RtlUserThreadStart (+0x21)

Application information:
    Product name:     Chaos Corona Image Editor (GUI)
    Library version:  10 (Daily Build Nov 25 2022)
    Build version:    222d034e ()
    Build time-stamp: Nov 25 2022 01:06:06
    Build type:       Release
    Compiler version: MSVC 19.33.31629

Crash dump written to:   C:\Users\dtsagkaropoulos\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\CrashReports\20221130_105005-1f88df26-a87c-49af-a3fc-8c6fa63a6b7d.dmp
Crash report written to: C:\Users\dtsagkaropoulos\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\CrashReports\20221130_105005-1f88df26-a87c-49af-a3fc-8c6fa63a6b7d.txt

I've attached the *.dmp and *.txt if you need them.

[Max] Daily Builds / New Cloud Simulation
« on: 2022-08-18, 20:06:26 »
Hi Corona team!

I am soooooo glad to see the clouds implemented in the engine.
I've tried the system and is so cool, it resolves a part of issues and problems when we need clouds in our renders. The solution for me was to use always an HDRI and that has it's beauty but also it's limitations. Anyway, as this is the first implementation, which are the limits now? For example, I saw that the clouds once activated they change the skylight's color but the sun's intensity and shadows are always the same, we can change them manually but is there any possibility that they will block correctly and naturally the sunlight?

Thanks so much for your efforts!

Dionysios -

Gallery / Tisettanta - Soho Bed
« on: 2022-07-27, 22:22:38 »
Hi to all!

I would like to share with you a production I've finished recently for the Italian brand Tisettanta.

Model: Soho Bed

Software used:

Autodesk 3ds Max
Adobe Substance 3D Assets
Adobe Substance 3D Sampler
Adobe Lightroom


Dionysios -

Hi guys,

just to check with you a strange behavior.

I have an empty scene, I create a Daylight system and I activate the Skylight Volume Effect let's say at value 2.0, after that I create a LightMix system and I hit render.

Everything is fine till I start playing with the Rest (unassigned) LightMix element which if I turn off it produces a black area under the horizon level or if I turn it down (values lower 2) it starts getting dark grey.

Is this behavior normal due to a kind of limit of the Volume Effect?

Thanks as always,

Dionysios -

Hi team!

I reformatted my home's workstation and tried to install again the latest "corona-9-3dsmax-daily-2022-06-09.exe".
Google Drives gives me the message that is not possible to download as the file is deleted.

Thanks in advance,

Dionysios -

Hello Corona team!

I found that using a Displacement map with quite high displacement values on objects with thickness (box for example), the direction of the displacement effect is not correct: It's not perpendicular on the surface but has an angle direction!
Same material applied on a Plane or a detached polygon WITHOUT thickness works correctly.

I've attached a test scene with a height map as well.

Guide to replicate the bug:

- Open the scene and use the included height map.
- Render and you'll notice the box on the left having the defect while the plane on the right is ok.
- Now select the plane and in the modifiers list TURN ON the Shell modifier.
- Render again and now the plane is incorrect as well!

Corona 9 last Daily Build but it happens on Corona 8 as well.

Let me know what you think!


Dionysios -

[Max] Daily Builds / Strange DR behavior
« on: 2022-06-14, 01:37:39 »
Hi to all!

I am having a strange problem with DR which I've noticed 2 days ago at my home studio.
I have 2 PCs, my main is an AMD Ryzen 5950X while the secondary a 3950X.

I've installed the latest corona-9-3dsmax-daily-2022-06-09.exe on both machines.

So this is what is happening:

If I send the DR job via Backburner to the 3950X and I use my main PC 5950X as a server, while the DR process gives me no errors, I am noticing the following issues:

- Rays/s total is around 5.300.000 with both machines while the 3950X alone is around 3.500.000.
- Estimated time doesn't change and remains at 6hrs approx.
- Remained timing for the image stays the same!!! Doesn't matter if the 5950X contributes or not in the DR render process.
- Under Passes total I see the total number of calculated passes and in brackets () the DR server's ones submitted normally.
- I get no errors to any place as DR seems to work normally but for me it doesn't.

If now I do the opposite, I use the 5950X as the main PC and the 3950X as the server, the DR process behaves as it should:

- Rays/s total is now at 7.600.000 (before was 5.300.000)
- Estimated remaining time is 3hrs (before 6hrs).
- Under passes I see the same behaviour (the 3950X is a bit slower).

So basically, when the master is the 3950X the DR performance is almost ZERO even if the passes seem to be calculated correctly by the fastest machine which works as a server.
If the master machine is the 5950X, DR works perfectly by summing the results of both machines correctly.

I don't know if the problem is clear to you and if I've described it correctly but I see a sort of degradation and it seems that something is blocking realistically the DR process if the master machine is one PC and not the other...

Last thing to mention, I work under Win 11 Insider Beta Release for both PCs.

Thanks in advance!

Dionysios -

Hi to all,

I've noticed recently that from CIE I am unable to save to an OpenEXR 32bit format.
While the saving process is completed successfully, the file itself once opened in Photoshop CS is completely white!
I don't know if is a 3ds Max bug or a Corona CIE one.

I use 3ds Max 2022 + corona-9-3dsmax-daily-2022-05-27.

Let me know if you can reproduce the problem.
Have a nice weekend,

Dionysios -

Hi Corona team!

Today I've found out a big and serious defect which is related to the Glossines and the reflection/refraction visibility of the objects.
To replicate this please use the latest January Daily Buld and do the following steps:

- Create a white plane and put a reflection with glossiness 0.5
- Create a red teapot and put a reflection with glossiness 0.5
- Create a blue teapot and put a reflection with glossiness 0.5
- Create a Corona daylight system and render to see the result.

FIRST APPROACH: Now, right click on the red teapot and under the object properties turn off the "Visible to Reflection / Refraction".
PROBLEM: Render and you should see the glossiness of the other objects wrong!

SECOND APPROACH: Turn on the previous "Visible to Reflection / Refraction" but instead of that go the red material and bring Opacity to ZERO.
PROBLEM: Render and you should see the glossiness of the other objects wrong!

I've tried with one of the October's build 12/10/2021 and is happening as well while the build August 10/08/2021 works perfectly fine!

Let me know if you can replicate this problem.


Dionysios -

Hi guys and happy new year first of all!

Unfortunately, the DR freezing problem is still present and nothing has changed.
I am using the latest Daily Build: corona-8-3dsmax-daily-2022-01-04

As months ago, the rendering process starts and after some passes the main Corona process (Master PC) is completely freezed.
I've mentioned this bug some months ago and that was the reason I was stuck on an older build not being able to work and test the engine some months later. Today I've decided to give a try but the problem is still here. I am attaching a screenshot were you can see the process freewed and the CPU is not at 100% but quicly changes from 20 to 40 to 60 to 15 and so on...

This image (is blurred for copyright reasons) is calculated by 3 Dual Xeon PCs and the Rays/s total is low due to this defect! Is only 4000x4000 pixels and it takes 7 hours?!?!?

So please, can you find some time and look at this problem? Does anyone else still has this issues?
Now I am at the office but in the past 2 months when I've tried with a recent build I had the same problem at home where I use AMD Ryzen systems.

Thanks in advance!

Dionysios -

[Max] Daily Builds / Normal Map + Triplanar Bug?
« on: 2021-07-13, 11:54:25 »
Hi all,

I am seeing some weird results while combining a normal map made with Adobe Substance Alchemist and the Triplanar utility.
As you can see from the image, on the left I use no triplanar, only the normal map and the result is clean and correct. On the right, once I apply a Triplanar at 0.30m I get some pixelated blocks.

I am providing the scene and assets here.


Dionysios -

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