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bahah, this was oddly perfectly timed rant.

I'm very happy for Chaos with this news... No idea what it really means, but I'm sure down the line we'll all benefit from it.

true. impeccable timing.

'Damn...he's right.  Get Enscape on the phone!'  -Team Chaos


--- Quote from: maru on 2022-01-11, 08:45:44 ---Good news I guess? :)

--- End quote ---

I was on my way here to open a discussion about this myself...

I work at an interior design firm and the drive for the past couple of years has been to get users onto Revit.
Last year I saw a big push from some of the technical team to use Enscape.
I have never been a fan of Enscape or Lumion because the quality just isnt there and the flexibility is just not anywhere close to Max , as far as I know anyways....

So this article popped up in my team chat this morning , and I wonder if we should feel threatened as 3d visualisers using just Max and Corona renderer...Does it take power away from us who are able to create high end photographic visuals with Corona , if now a Revit user can do the same with Enscape and a more advanced render engine backing it ?

I suppose we will have to see where it goes but I dont know whether to be worried or excited

I think any development like this will continue to push creativity and artistry in our field - for the same reason that professional photographers still exist even though everyone has an amazing camera in their phone.

...or CGI artists will all move to selling NFTs if clients dry up 😂


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