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Crazy blinking UI

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Looks like memory ran out,You can try installing Process Lasso,This can effectively inhibit the process,I have used it to reduce crashes many times


I have the very same problem - blinking/flashing screens everywhere.
Corona 7 and latest 3ds max 2022.
Used to have similar problem with corona 6 and 3ds max 2020, which almost completely went away with proper  3d connexion drivers. The 3d space mouse  drivers was causing the issues with the flash screen back with version 2020, almost 2 years ago.
Working on  first project with version 2022 and latest plugins - the problem appears once again.
The issue occurs as soon as try to switch to another camera while IR  is working , at least here.

GPU  drivers or/and RAM issues are Not the culprit - using the latest nvidia drivers and within viewport of 3ds max and other 3d programs such as blender, all works fine. RAM is ECC and sufficient (128 GB)


--- Quote from: danio1011 on 2022-01-09, 07:36:32 ---If the whole screen was flashing I’d say video card, but since it’s just 3ds max and certain windows flashing it looks like maybe you haven’t disabled control flow guard and a few of those other protections that can actually hinder 3ds max especially on AMD cpus and can cause exactly this behavior. 

There’s a few threads on this forum about disabling CFG and similar tweaks that really help reduce similar issues.

Just my $0.02, hope it helps!

--- End quote ---

I had a similar issue a while ago and disabling CFG sorted it out.

I had to reinstall everything, the ram remains linear, without strange behaviors, with a complete re-installation the problem no longer occurred.
thank you all and sorry for delay


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