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CrazyBump replacement on macos


Hi all,
I’m still using CrazyBump, but I’m currently updating macOS and CB will not run anymore.
What are you guys using on Mac to generate normal, spec etc maps?
Years back I tried B2M but that kept constantly crashing, so I went back to CB.
I work in archviz and mostly use already saved materials, but every now and then I need to create custom materials. 
Any pointers to, what app is as simple and fast to use as CB, is appreciated.

James Vella:
Most people now use Substance Designer for this, its a lot easier when just doing basic rough/gloss and normal conversions.

However if you did want somthing simple like crazy bump I will give myself a plug here and say you can try Bitmap2PBR. I made it because I also wanted a simple quick solution similar to CrazyBump:


CrazyBump was fantastic BTW :-)... Since then I have started using PixPlant3 which is still available for Mac. I have been part of the Beta 5 for some time and V5 is a HUGE step forward including full PBR workflow. Unfortunately at the mo they don't have V5 for Mac but coming. V3 is still f ing good if you have used CB. Obviously Substance is KING but if you don't use it 247 Pixplant might be a better route as it is a one off payment of (I think $99). Hope this helps :-) John

I'm no expert with creating PBR materials, but how useful are the General Bump Map and Generate Normal Map functions inside of Photoshop? I'd imagine it depends on the source image. Just curious.

Thanks guys, for your feedback.
Yeah, Substance feels like overkill for just generating some quick and dirty maps.

Any idea when v5 for mac comes out?
Looks like the win version has a trial but the mac version doesn't?


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