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HI, I'm working on my first animation project. I have rendered 100 frames to test. Is the only way to apply lightmix and Corona VFB post-processing using the Corona image batch script? Or can this be done in C4D viewer or the Corona VFB anyway?

I downloaded the CoronaImageBatchV5 script and gave it a go but it didn't work. I got the following message: The system cannot find the path specified. I tried this also on the sample CXR file and got the same error.

So I have all the files in the same folder as the CoronaImageBatch script. Also I have the LightMix.conf and Postprocess.conf all in the same folder. Is the script working or am I doing some wrong?

When I downloaded V5 I noticed that when unzipped it says V3. Not sure if that's a typo or someone accidentally put the wrong version in there?

Any help appreciated. :)

Not entirely sure what is meant here - you can apply LightMix and VFB post-processing in C4D, then render your image sequence, and the LightMix and post-processing are "baked in" to that image sequence, already applied.

If you mean, can you render an image sequence and then adjust and change LightMix and VFB post-processing on the image sequence itself AFTER rendering, then yes at the moment the batch script is the only way to do that (also, this doesn't allow the animation of the LightMix and VFB processing, just allows you to apply the same effects to all images in the sequence).

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply.

So when I render at the moment my Corona VFB looks different to the C4D picture viewer.

Sorry if this is a basic question, but should they look the same?

Do I need to change a setting somewhere as I've always just edited still images in the Corona VFB in the past. But now I'm getting into animation that would be great if I can get it working as you say so the Corona settings are applied to my images in C4D for when I save them. :)

Is "Use C4D Color Space" on?

Yes the, 'Use Cinema 4D color space' is on.


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