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Trying to understand the correct use of the new Physically Based Materials...


Hi Forum!

Hope you are all well. I am trying to understand how I use the new Physical textures. I use Pixplant 5 to extract all my info which outputs base colour, metalness, roughness, displacement, normal and ao. As there is no specular anymore, do I use the metalness for specular? Should I use metalness for wood? Is there a good C4D Corona tutorial on PBR workflow? Many thanks and have a good weekend all :-) John

There is Specular, it's an option you can pick per material in place of IOR (see the Advanced tab of the material).

(PS - this is of course not a fake Specular Highlight value, but instead a mapping that controls the intensity of reflection, as a specular highlight is in fact a reflection; same as IOR controls the intensity of the reflection; so you just use whichever one matches the maps you have. You would never use metalness except for metals, so not at all on wood :) )

Many thanks Tom!

Getting there... Have read a couple of threads on PBR and starting to get the hang of it :-) John


--- Quote from: TomG on 2021-10-10, 14:35:45 --- You would never use metalness except for metals, so not at all on wood :) )

--- End quote ---
Not even for the wood of the silver birch?
*Running away and laughing madly*

Run faster, in case they catch you! lol


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