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Alpha image on material Errors

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Hello guys!
I have a problem with Corona. I'm trying to put a logo on polygon, but i have problem with the background.
I read many threads about that and i tried everything, but nothing work.
This is what i have done: i put in a Corona material the .png in diffusion ant the alpha map in opacity. I tried to put color read in linear and then i apply that material in the object. I don't understand why i have still the black rectangle in the background.
I upload the image with the problem and what i have done with materials.

Is that a render or just the viewport? If it just the viewport, then there are know issues with the previews in the non-rendered windows.

Nope! Same in the render file!

Ok! In render is better, but now i have another problem! Alpha channels work, but the rest of the cilinder become black!

Add first material of that cilinder than stack logo after and check mix textures on logo material


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