Author Topic: romullus wips  (Read 172289 times)

2020-10-20, 14:59:25
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I'm just curious why you did a CG background instead of a backplate, or is that just your preference?

No, my preference is to use backplates, or most often the same HDRI from the enviroment, mapped onto shadow catcher. Actually, this test started with my usual setup at the beggining, but gradually i started to add 3D elements, since i didn't liked how looks the ground. As i added more geometry outside the camera, i started to notice how lighting became much more interesting, as light bounced from many surfaces, instead of being evenly casted from the sky. This was quite eye opening experience from me and i think i will explore this technique more in the future. Nevertheless, for this scene i'm going to revert back to simple plane and shadow catcher, since my old PC is painfully slow with 3D background and displacement in most materials, which is far from ideal when you want to focus on refining the car materials.

@petrorosengren, thanks!
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