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News / Re: Pricing and release date announced
« on: 2014-10-25, 14:39:54 »
On the post you mentioned there will be a dirty cheap student version? what does it mean?
will you consider educational disccounts? I mean student, teachers lowered prices?

Gallery / Re: Adanmq Gallery
« on: 2014-08-07, 01:55:05 »
pretty cool images dude

what about the grass, did you modeled it?

How do you use spherical  hdri map to screen set up  and replace car model ?

Is just an spherical HDRI set as spherical environment and override the camera to sph. too

Gallery / Re: Subway Line Construction
« on: 2014-08-05, 00:45:38 »
nice work, can you share a wireframe?

Gallery / Re: Project
« on: 2014-07-22, 18:10:42 »
Very nice images

can you talk about your settings and lights used on scene?

Hi guys

I just created a test scene for trying some features in A7.1 (thanks to Ondra for new fix, spherical and cilindrical exposure now works fine)


Shadow catcher (I would like to know if its possible to create a mixed material in order to add some displacement in floor ground,) I mean : shadows catcher+displacement ground will be awesome, probably some rocks come to life
HDRI map
enable depth of field (DOF)
motion blur (cars)
spherical proyection camera override

critics are wellcome

ps, hdr map is kinda weird, horizon is not aligned with pov, and my camera is not rotated :P
you can download the file and open it in QT.

Gallery / Re: cecofuli [Gallery]
« on: 2014-07-10, 01:40:58 »
Very nice images Francesco

Your book "Corona - The Complete Guide" will be very wellcome :)

This was originally intended behavior - the physical parameters like fstop and film width only make sense for physical camera - which is only the perspective one. I've however enabled the photographic exposure setting on other cameras. Even though it does not make any sense from physical/perspective point of view, it improves the UI consistency.

Thanks keymaster!

Is it possibe to get a new public relase with all fixed features on A7?

Yep, seems like it's bug.

Moved topic to bug reporting.

I Hope it can be fixed on this alpha release, instead daily builds, since I have not a key to them :(

Hi guys

I'm trying new A7, but found when changing camera mod to SPHERICAL OR CILINDRICAL exposure values doesnt work, everything seems too dark or brighter. Whoever If uncheck this option everything is fine, ISO, SHUTTER SPEED and so on are working correctly.

Overriding camera values from main settings neither work

any ideas?


It's less than a week to A7 ;)

yeeeiiiii :D

Thanks for your help

So, there is no way to create a single jpg file in 360° without using A7?'s a shame.


Well, what can I say, it's a Script that exports panoramas ;)  Ondra had the idea, I've just been scripting it.
The script either takes a 360x180° jpg file or grabs the image directly from CoronaVfb and generates 3 or 4 files (depends on your settings). The Html file uses the awesome threejs library

How to use:
- Choose a Name for your panorama
- Set an output path for your panorama files (you can use the browse button)
- Either pick a jpg file (Browse)
- .. or grab the current image from the CoronaVfb
- you can turn off the automatic rotation if you want it static
- you can also turn off the Corona Logo display (but why would you want to do that ;-) )
- now you can use it locally on your machine or upload all the files to your webspace. Paths are all relative, so it's portable.

Hi Deadclown

I'm currently trying to make it work, I have some questions

If I use the script with default values, it request for a "jpg" file...which I suppossed it has to be already in 360° Panorama format... :S
If I choose get from VFB it only takes current image, but it doesnt convert such image in 360°, the final result is black html page

How do you set how many images are going to be taken? (..."or grabs the image directly from CoronaVfb and generates 3 or 4 files (depends on your settings...")

What I'm doing wrong?

Ps. I've also noticed first time I use the script on a empty scene it creates a camera, but everytime It try to use it on an existing scene it doesnt work
I'm using A6 + Max 2014


hi, I get this error

W7 SPI X64, MAX14, Corona A6, Lightlister 0.6.1

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2014-06-13, 20:38:36 »
I sort of think he doesn't necessarily ask for adaptivity, he asks about some direct information on "how" clear/noisy the image, as Laci wrote, a clue on passes :- )

He just wants some more exact way to estimate this. But I guess the threshold Deadclown write might be that.

thanks for helping to clarify my request guys

Yes, What I suggest is to have a VISIBLE INFO about how much noise or clear the image is, just in order to know WHEN I could stop the image, depending on my needs

if an image still noisy after 10 min, but info on screen says that is 50% "clear" I can wait 10 minutes more for a better one, just ir order to have a clue about redering times.

It would be use for batch rendering, instead asigning xxx hrs, or XXX passes to all images- which in most cases - are exceeding the needs, user can say: "ok for a 720x405 it may take 5 min for have a 99% "finished" render , and for 5000x3000 it would take  2 hours for a 95% clear image (since waiting for last 5% would be probably an excess, and almost a-not-noticeable quality).

what do you think?

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