Author Topic: VFB “region” render in Team Render not working  (Read 1249 times)

2019-01-15, 03:23:22


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MacOs 10.13.6 / C4D Studio R18.057 / Version: 3.0 (core 3)

Not sure if this a known issue, since it never worked (for me).
Note: This is only in TR mode, single machine render region works flawless.

I can draw a  “region” marque in VFB, but it continues to render the entire image.
Same, if the region is already set in VFB before hitting “Team render to PV”

What does work is to set “Render Region” in the render setting > output tab.
Of course that’s a static selection and can’t be changed while rendering.

Not a high priority since there is a workaround, but do you guys have any plans to make the “Corona render region” work in TR mode?