Author Topic: Bug with colorized fragments / voronoi fracture  (Read 1134 times)

2018-12-16, 20:27:02


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C4D R20, latest daily R3 Corona, Win 10

Render the attached scene. You will get (differently) tinted glass shards, despite the fact that "Colorize Fragments" in the Voronoi Fracture object should be "overwritten" as soon as you attach a texture tag to it.
Counter check: Switch "Colorize Fragments" off, no tinted shards.

It only shows this buggy behaviour with:
- An opacity manterial stacked on top
- With thin glass.

I could not reproduce this behaviour with physical (the C4D renderer), so I guess it is Corona related.

2018-12-18, 15:15:30
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Thanks for the report and the file, we'll definitely look into it and get back to you asap. ;)
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