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incompatible with previous versions of Corona


Has this been already addressed in the latest version?

NOTE: This version installs new data used by PRG sky model that is currently incompatible with previous versions of Corona. This data is automatically upgraded/downgraded when running installer, however you might have problems if you use multiple versions of Corona at the same time (for example when keeping older Corona versions installed in separate installation of Cinema 4D). We are working on removing this limitation in the future daily builds

I am not sure what you mean by "addressed"? There is new functionality in the Corona Sky, which means any scene created with a new Corona version may not load and work as intended in an old Corona version - there is nothing to "address" there, as old versions can never handle new functionality, not just with Sky but with any other feature. Of course scenes from earlier Corona versions should load and render as intended in the newer Corona version, which is the important part :)

So this warning is just to tell you, don't save a scene using the latest version if you for any reason will ever ever go back to an earlier Corona version.

Oh the bit that should be addressed is, if you have multiple Corona installs at once - we'll have to keep two versions of Sky installed :)

Always had two C4ds parallel with different Corona Versions ( Normal Release + Daily) installed.
I.e. R11 and a 12 Daily

Is that again possible?

In view of the problems with opening files in D12, this is not good news otherwise.
Because that means No Dailies as long we can’t open the (older) files.


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