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Here is an adaptation of VrayAutomator for Corona

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I've been working on this script to automate material tweaking.
It works for both Physical and Legacy materials, i've added the option to add roundedges ,
It's the first version of the script , i plan on adding lights and also a few corona bitmap settings in the near futur , but as the material part is already done and functioning, i think it can already be quite handy for other Corona users.

you can find the script here:

hope it will be usefull

here is an upgrade, its much faster and i added new features.

new update

i've added the option to add or remove triplar
the additionalbump intensity has also been added to the script

Hi, thanks a lot for sharing your tool, but could you please explain what exactly its purpose is? I am sure many people are not familiar with "VrayAutomator". A short description or a demo video would be great.

It is a script intended  to change material settings and add triplanar or round edges on multiple objects materials at once.
I will try to find time to make a video but unfortunately i don't have much time, anyway most settings are kind of self-explanatory.

You can find more information on ScriptSpot:

I also have other Corona render script there :

or 3dsmax script:


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