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Spare time project in a collab with vis.juju built around a beautiful chandelier by Dimoremilano.

In a time-lapse (check the last attachment), we decided to experiment with the format of interior renders, recreating a full day from breakfast to evening dinner around the dining area in the kitchen.
Rendering done entirely in –°orona Renderer. I did not use pre-configured animation or scene states, I set each frame as for a stop-motion animation manually, changed the exposure settings a little and rendered right away.

For still renders, we decided to deviate a little from the commercial lighting scheme and tried to convey a tangible "filmic" atmosphere.
Link to the time-lapse on the Instagram
Youtube shorts
and on my Telegram

Thanks for watching!

for some reason I can't embed a player from YouTube or Vimeo here, maybe the moderators will help me :D I think it's because of "shorts" format

Wow, that's really beautiful! It would be nice to be able to play the video on the forum, I almost missed it =)

I hate vertical video and YT shorts in particular, but i watched your time-lapse at least 20 times - the amount of little details you put there is just mesmerizing!!

As an aside, I embedded a regular YT video and it refused to appear for a while then finally loads. Could be the same thing was happening to you (or it could be shorts can't be embedded, not sure).


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