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Give me some feedback pls!


This is some of my project. (The topic is Japanese style, warm home...)
I'm trying to make them realistic renders. I really want to know what everyone is thinking about the layout, lighting, setup of furniture and materials, everything, ...
Hope to hear the any feedback from you guys!
Have a nice day and thank you so much!


1. Japanese mood/interior + chairs for me is not a good starting point!
2. To achieve more realism you can work on your camera settings - use realistic depth of field (you can set Corona Camera same as real camera - aperture, sensor size etc.).
3. Do you use LUT and ACES? Proper settings can give great results strait out of corona.
4. I see that you use Chaos models. You have to be careful with it, as not every material/model is great! Always check Albedo level of white color (from my experience using values higher the 210 out of 256 white is really bad).
5. Add more details - maybe place some meterial behind the cabinets?
6. Use correct lumen/light brightness values for interior lights.
7. It usually works best when a picture "tells a story" - even a small detail can make a difference.
8. Add some dirt/microdetail to your materials (you can use clearcoat layer in corona physical material).

Aram Avetisyan:
Pay attention to smoothing groups as well.
The vase on table is faceted.


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