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Can't produce a correct CMasking_Cryptomatte element

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So I've been trying to make use of CMasking_Cryptomatte element with no success. I've followed official tutorial on Corona website, tried using different ID types in the element settings rollout, save the file in all kinds of formats and open it in Photoshop using Exr-IO plugin. Every single time, it opens a file with many layers in it but the actual monochrome masks for different materials or instances are not present.

After doing some digging up here in the forum there doesn't seem to be that many people facing the same issue so I want to believe the issue lies somewhere on my end, however I have no idea what else can be done in order to make this work. Has anyone else had trouble loading cryptomatte file into photoshop or is it just me?

Which version of Corona are you using?

Please see this guide:

You need to save your output file in .CXR format (you can use the "Save CXR" option in Render Setup or in the VFB after clicking-and-holding on the VFB Save button). Then you need to change its file extension to .EXR and open this in your 2D editor. Actually, I would not advise using Photoshop for this, but "proper" compositing software like Nuke, Fusion, possibly even Blender.

Please let us know if this is not helpful - we can look into your issue more.

I'm using Corona 9 (Evergreen). And that's the exact tutorial I tried following. As mentioned previously, I have tried saving in .EXR/.CXR, changing extension after saving the file, checking/unchecking various options when opening with EXR-IO in Photoshop and all the other iterations of this tutorial with no success.

I understand that other compositing software is better in how it deals with color, grading, etc. but our team is using mostly Photoshop so it's just more convenient at the moment...

Must be saved to CXR, then renamed to EXR. EXR-IO settings should as attached (note that Cryptomatte Raw Data is unchecked). If the settings there don't resolve it, can you post an example CXR that is not opening properly for you, and the scene? You can make a simple one so long as it is one you can't get working.

Here is how it's working for me:
- set up a simple scene
- add a CMasking_Cryptomatte render element
- use the settings you need in it (I used levels 6 and ID Type "Hierarchy")
- render
- stop rendering
- save as CXR
- rename the file to .EXR (be sure to change extension instead of renaming it to name.exr.cxr)
- open the resulting EXR in Photoshop
- I end up with a files with layers, which looks like in the attached video


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