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Tonemapping & Maxscript

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Can I use Maxscript to control the VFB in the following way:

1) Hit Save on the Tonemapping settings and save out to a location determined in the maxscript.
2) Load the the saved settings from a location determined in the maxscript?

Currently this is not possible, however we have it logged as a feature request.

(Internal ID=1007269616)

For years I've used a render manager Vexus, and on release of C8 my workflow was broken without warning. It took me weeks to arrive at having a working Maxscript to fudge around this.

And FYI my workflow for frame buffer settings went from attachment A, to attachment B.

Picture 15 renders on a project with an average of three options for each - that's me tweaking 45 versions of the maxscript on attachment B. Factor in human errors and the associated re-rendering. It's created a massive ball ache.

And the tonemapping is not in a state that the developers want to touch it. The simplest way to implement this as I see it is to allow maxscript to the load and save buttons.

Just sharing my pain.

p.s. It was awesome shortly after to received the price hike too, thanks for that.

Thanks for sharing the details, now I can feel your ache.

Could it mean that Vexus does not support Corona 8 and newer? I will get in touch with them to find out if we can help.

I'd appreciate if you can contact them and see if you can help.

If Chaos simply delete an integral part of the renderer rather than having a legacy component then surely you'd expect it's going to blow up users pipelines.


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