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Hello everyone,
I'm learning Corona for a few months and I'm having problems with bad quality renders.
I feel like everyone who shares their render they are very good/high quality and I want to achieve that but don't know how.
Here is example of my render so let me know. I tried with higher resolution but they are still really weird. Should I use render farm? I apologize for my bad English. Thanks everyone for help!

A render farm wont help. Rendering in higher-resolution won't help either.

While there is technically nothing super wrong with your render, it is simply a result of inexperience.

There is no 'trick' to getting nice renders other than lots of time, experience, practice, good design, good modelling, good lighting, good texturing. Unfortunately, most of this is missing from your scene. But we all have to start somewhere, right?

My advice; watch tutorials. I can highly recommend Johannes (VizGuru) - even though he works in FStorm all the lessons are more or less relevant. But as a beginnger you should probably find Corona specific tutorials. YouTube is your friend.

Second piece of advice; find a nice, simple photograph with nice lighting and try to replicate it in 3D.

Good luck mate.

Moved to WIP/tests. :)

I think the first step to "fix" this image would be playing around with white balance in the VFB to make the whites less warm (unless they are not whites). Then fine tuning materials, objects, and lights should become easier.

I see you have a same problem as photographer w/ good camera, but lack artistic skill, fundamentally in composition and style. So get to understand "Art of Photography". For starters, either watch a few videos on topic you like or take lessons.
Practice makes perfect.

Philip kelly:
First off, well done having the gutts to put up render and asking for help.
Your starting out, so your learning, so there re going to be a lot of mestakes made, so expect that.
God is in the detail so the more detail in the model the better tyhe image in my experience, the colours need to be adjusted and the lighting.
Take you time and play with it. Anybody who puts up images here are very good at what they do, and you will be in time, so keep at it and watch the tutorials on line.


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