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Corona Pattern can now use the mapping channel of the base object, or the pattern node, OR BOTH. Why is this big news? Mainly because it was not possible before and it allows for creating things like carpets where each of the pattern nodes has its own texture (e.g. diffuse color, bump, or other property) and the base geometry has another one.

It's already available in the daily builds -

It can be a bit tricky to set up, so I am attaching a sample scene.

Thank you. Any improvement to coronaPattern is very much welcome.

Great news! This will be a good advantage.

Any news on having CoronaPattern work on top of CoronaDisplacement?

I couldn't come up with any practical examples (sorry! :) ) so here is a totally random one - diffuse color from the pattern object mapping, opacity from the base object mapping.

Hi devs,

I've lost track a bit of previous requests/emails etc. but I'm compiling a short list below of my wish-list changes for PatternMod - could you please update us on progress in these (and other) areas?

And just to front-load the conversation, I know that the usual response (fairly!) is "why don't you just use ChaosScatter for this?" but there's something very simple and very nice about the speed, elegance and simplicity of PatternMod that makes me keep coming back to it, especially for carpet/rug stuff. I'm getting some very good results out of it but with a few improved features it could be really killer:

- Can we please get randomisation controls for Pattern Height?

- Can we please get map-driven everything? Especially Pattern height / offsets / rotations, and ideally the surface itself (beyond limiting to matID as currently). It would be awesome to load in for example a greyscale map that would determine where the pattern appears, and another one that determines how high it appears.

- Will it be possible one day to have the source object not be trimmed/clipped? In this way, if you do for example 0.5 shifting you will still see the entirety of the source object, allowing you to get a much more randomised and natural "scattering" effect (when this is desired - for example when making carpets/rugs).

- Can you update us on if it will ever be possible to enable PatternMod to be used on top of an object already using rendertime displacement?

- Can you please consider making it possible to multiple-stack CoronaPatternMod modifiers on a single object? This would be helpful for certain complex randomisations etc. (until we can get real randomisation/offsetting controls).


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