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Hi all,

we are releasing our first daily build of Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D. This build contains several new features, but it also comes with some bigger internal changes in the way we handle scene geometry. This should reduce memory usage in some scenes as well as prepare ground for some future improvements. Enjoy! :-)

Download link:


Wow! Congratulations on the progress guys and thank you for sharing v5! I will definitely start to test it once I will finish commercial projects I need to finish this week :).

Yeah, congratulations!
The additions look and work great and as someone who is use to using the Variation shader I must say: having the multishader is a very useful addition!

congratulations guys!
I'm trying it too and so far no problem. Regarding the multimap shader, isn't there the possibility to change the random mapping as a native Cinema 4d shader? I tried to add a UVW randomizer node but it didn't work well .. I'll do more tests

Does this daily 5 build by an change run on C4D R21 ?


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