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corona 4 updates - thoughts


This is the first time, I had an overwhelming feeling of "wauw" concerning any product update, in regards to performance and UI-response when rendering.

The IR and the standard render engine, combined with the UI-updates, are a breath of fresh air...

Better viewport feedback on environment maps who have corona color corect would be wonderful, espeacialy with HDRI maps, they're overlit for viewport usage 90% of the time and when using a corona color correct on an environment map, it becomes distorted in the viewport + no exposure updates in viewport.

Gonna toy with Caustics now.

Thank you for this update!

Thanks for your kind words, and also for the additional feedback.
We are aware of those issues, and will try to fix them if possible.

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Aram Avetisyan:
This has been fixed for Corona 9.


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