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Which 3D soft to integrate into next?

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The title says it all ;) In which 3D software besides 3dsmax would you like to have Corona next?

Disclaimer: this is only for my info, I am not actually starting integration into anything else any time soon

If I forgot some 3D package, write it here and I'll add it

BTW: if you know some expert C++/graphics programmer, I am willing to provide them with reasonably easy-to-use Corona API in C++ to do the connection in exchange for possible future profits if it starts selling.

Considering the current state of Corona and who it's aimed at, I'd say modo makes most sense.

Competing with Arnold or PRMan on the Maya/Softimage battlefield will be extremely tough and without proper particle/volumetric rendering it'd be pointless, imho.

That's not true. Well competing with arnold or prman is of course pointless when it comes to volumetrics or particle and hair rendering but how many cannot compete with them even having those features yet still they are present for maya/si?

And when it comes to what corona is capable of and what it already excels at (may it be visualisation and mainly closed spaces with complex lighting scenarios) then PRman and Arnold are no competition.

PRman and 3Delight is very inefective to use in visualisation and I did try it(3delight). For arnold... well arnold is a bad joke once you expect it to lit up an interior with just an HDRi dome light even using area lights in windows will force you to get your settings sky high to get some decent noise level. It's useless for this purpose at its current state.

The only competitor would be vray and that's the same as with 3dsmax.

and maya/xsi is much more popular than modo.

no hard feelings, just my 2cents.

Please do a Maya version, it seems to be the most widely used app in studios around the glob.


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