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Corona Renderer 3 for Cinema 4D daily build - Changelog


Changes in 2018-12-06 (

* Updated to the latest core
* Added support for NVIDIA’s GPU denoising on Windows
* Added support for rendering of native Cinema Hair Material
* Added missing IES profiles to macOS installer
* Corona light color can be controlled by MoGraph now
* Corona light color is animatable now
* Fixed camera and scene name tokens in render stamp
* Fixed updates of Corona Color Mix shader in IR
* Fixed wrong hair rotation
* Fixed interpretation of highlight shift in Corona Hair material
* Fixed crash during viewport rendering with hair object in the scene
* Fixed interpretation of hair thickness (diameter)
* Fixed IR looping for most of the objects

Changes in 2018-12-14 (

* Fixed bug when it was not possible to install Corona on Windows 7 and 8
* Fixed crash during post-processing update
* Fixed crash during removing of shaders hierarchy in IR
* Fixed flickering in VFB when multipass was used in IR
* Added autobump conversion dialog
* Added new bump mapping implementation
* Swapped key shortcuts for deleting and removing node from view in Node material editor

Changes in 2019-01-02 (

* Implemented autosave
* Fixed updates of node changes caused by undo/redo in IR
* Fixed cubic mapping on planes
* Fixed crash during stopping of rendering
* Fixed color level value in hair material
* Fixed mix modes of reflections and tints in hair material
* Fixed nonworking Corona compositing tag with hair
* Fixed nonworking bump mapping for noise shader
* Fixed disconnecting of shaders from layer shader
* Fixed black materials on proxies
* Fixed issues with connecting of nodes
* Fixed issues with selection of already removed nodes
* Fixed nonworking statistics in TR on macOS

Changes in 3 final (

* Improved speed of VFB/PV refreshing when there is a lot of passes in Multi-pass
* Increased default packet size in TR
* Added new option to preferences for specifying maximum render resolution in IR
* Added workaround for a crash of XRefs with "Generator" option turned on
* Fixed a crash when a user clicked Cancel in asset missing dialog in TR
* Fixed incorrect normals in IR (broken shading in some cases)
* Fixed bug with proxies appearing black
* Fixed issue with layer shader giving wrong output when adding a new layer in some cases
* Fixed reordering of nodes after removing a connection
* Fixed bug with incorrect context menu displayed if clicked to the place of an already removed node

Changes in Corona Renderer 3 for Cinema 4D (Hotfix 1) (

* Fixed the issue when Corona Image Editor showed "Unexpected attribute type." on macOS
* Fixed broken licensing of Corona Image Editor in some cases
* Fixed the black non-active multi-pass layers when saved from Picture Viewer during rendering
* Fixed memory leak when rendering hair
* Fixed memory leak in Team Render server
* Animations rendered in Team Render can be interrupted now
* Fixed rendering of Corona light with IES in Team Render
* Fixed a bug in the installer that was causing crashes in libwx_osx_cocoa.dylib


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