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One tricky subject to scan. It dries and changes shape so quick in front of the ring light. A lot of manual fixing and texture clonestamping was needed. Spicy!

Sometimes I'm not choosing subjects for scanning, they choose me. I ran into this cute small bell pepper while grocery shopping - and it was so perfect in all senses that it was screaming to become digitally immoral. A small weekend project in itself, with scanning of tail and body separate to then reunite in 3D. Paprika is love.

I grew to love and appreciate blueberries more since I moved to Sweden. I've scanned various ones over the years I've lived here, this last one being my best to date. It has a 16K diffuse texture that can withstand even extreme close-up renders. 6264 shots @100Mpx focus stacked into 216 inputs that were processed by Reality Capture. Original mesh at 32mln triangles processed into 3 LODs with proper quad-retopology and manual unwrap. Yummy!

9 new scans released recently. Still can not give up scanning them nuts) but the pineapple is my favorite from this set.

A fresh batch of scans, some nuts and some pears among other things


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