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Short season berry from my childhood.

I grew up in a townhouse with a small adjacent garden where my family had a few bushes of gooseberry that I was eager to eat as a child. Sometimes I wouldn't even wait for them to get ripe...

The sourness would make you squint so hard you could see your ancestors...

I challenged myself to scan this berry even though it had a high chance to fail with photogrammetry due to translucency. It worked since the berry was not very clean and the small fuzz and impurities on the surface helped with reconstruction. Captured with a GFX100S with focus stacking, processed in RC, and rendered with Chaos Corona.

A fresh batch of scans, gloriously rendered with Chaos Corona.

Mushroom season is on. Let's go!

In Poland we basically call these "chickens". :)

In Lithuania it's squirrels, or cockerels :]


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