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Render selected: Works fine in interactive mode, but not in regular mode.


Render selected seems to have unselected objects contribute black to the alpha channel when i use it in interactive mode, as it should.

But when I use it in regular mode, it is as if I have simply deleted the unselected objects, aka, the alpha gets all wrong, and selected stuff that is hidden behind unselected objects is seen in the render. And I just disovered this today when I have a tight deadline! Halp!

Alright! After some snooping I found out what was wrong. Admin can move this to resolved, but it is still interesting IMO:
I had "selection" selected in 3ds max native rendering dialog, under "common". When I deselect it corona behaves as you'd expect, flawlessly. :)
But it is still interesting that corona behaves differently in interactive mode and in "regular" mode. How come?

This is probably because 3ds Max's "area to render: selected" is unsupported by Corona's IR. Basically it works pretty much like hiding everything but the selected object. So it seems that everything you described is expected, but I will leave the topic here so that Ondra/someone else can decide whether it should be closed.

Maybe we should have a warning message that IR won't work with "render: selected"?

or... we can make it supported now that Corona area to render: selected is supported by IR ;) stand by for fix


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